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Hunters and Farmers, To Be a Master Salesperson You Must Excel at Being Both

Jim Masson

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Yes this is an article on selling not about buying a large rural property. I'm referring rather to the nature of salespeople, the hunter nature of the majority and farmer nature of the rest. Everyone who sells feels most comfortable in one camp or the other. A small percentage of salespeople excel in both. These are the true masters.

Having been a salesperson, as well as a sales manager and trainer for over 35 years, there is no doubt in my mind that the majority of salespeople today are ‘hunters’ and the vast majority of sales managers and business owners want ‘hunters’ on their sales team. Hunters are those who thrive on the kill right now. They want the business now. So do the people who direct them.

There is only one problem with being a hunter, isn't there? When there is little game around, there is nothing to shoot at and the hunter goes hungry. Don't get me wrong. There are times when game is abundant and a ‘great shot’ eats well. In the selling business there are times of boom or prosperity where the ‘hunter’ salesperson eats very well indeed.

But, as in everything, there is a flip side. Hunters do hunt out areas and those areas then take time to recover. In business there are cyclical downturns where there are significantly fewer customers in the marketplace. Hunters don't fair so well.

'Farmers', on the other hand, have more patience than ‘hunters’. They plant, nurture and harvest at maturity. They have plenty to eat when they bring in the bumper crop that they have cared for over time.

Salespeople by nature are usually hunters who want the ‘now’ result, but to survive and prosper in all economic conditions, having solid farming skills doesn't hurt either.

Whether you are a farmer or a hunter by nature, you can acquire the skillset of the other through proper training and give yourself the master's edge in the selling profession.

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