The Dangers Of Relying Solely On 'On The Job' Training

Jim Masson

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Most businesses that sell a product or service will provide some level of training to their salespeople, ‘on the job’. While any sales training will be beneficial to you as a salesperson, if you rely totally on this ‘on the job’ training you may be putting your future earning potential in danger and here's why.

Before I explain the dangers, I do want to state this fact. I'm not about to take aim at employers or managers here. They are looking after their interests the best they can. As a professional salesperson, you will be well served to do the same.

'On the job’ training will give you ‘product knowledge’ and some of the ‘selling skills’ possessed by the owner or manager. Here's the problem. No one can give you something that they don't have themselves.

That makes sense, I hope. In terms of ‘selling skills', no one individual has all the available knowledge. In fact, the best sales trainers are constantly seeking out more information and different points of view so they can pass those perspectives along to their students.

When sales managers train, they train based on the immediate needs of the business, however, salespeople who rely solely on that training limit their growth potential in the selling profession, even within the organization.

Salespeople who have the foresight to add to their skills and knowledge through outside sales training can add tools and empower themselves to perform at extraordinary levels. This performance will no doubt attract management recognition and can quickly lead to career advancement.

Progressive companies will often provide financial assistance to salespeople wishing further professional development. You might want to check that out with your employer. If they don't offer it, it doesn't really matter, after all your career advancement is your personal responsibility, isn't it? It doesn't make sense to me to allow someone else to limit your career potential.

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