Professional Sales Training, How to Find the Most Effective

Jim Masson

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Whether you are starting out in your selling career or working to improve your performance on an ongoing basis you understand that there are certain criteria that must be in place so that you will achieve your goals.

Among them you will need to have inner passion and a willingness to take action by stepping out of your comfort zone. Plus you will need to seek out access to comprehensive sales training knowledge through a trainer who will assist you in your journey. The questions are “How do you find the knowledge?" and “What do you look for?" Here are Nine Tips to help guide you.

Tip #1: Seek Out Experience. When looking for valuable sales knowledge, it's a good idea to look for someone who has 'been there . . . done that'. Theory alone does not get it done when it comes to selling or training and coaching. The greater the experience, the greater likelihood the information being shared will benefit you.

Tip #2: Is the Basic Nature of the Sales Training Geared to Teaching, Coaching or a Balanced Combination of Both? If you are unsure of the difference you might want to check out my article “Training vs. Coaching - There Is A Difference" at Training imposes answers from outside of yourself. These answers are the opinions of others. Coaching, on the other hand, helps you to draw solutions from within. Both have their place in determining what works and what doesn't work for you. Seek a balanced approach for maximum personal benefit.

Tip #3: Is the Trainer Promising One Stop Shopping for All Your Training Needs? The top trainers in the selling industry, or any other industry for that matter, realize that they are competent experts. However, I have yet to meet even one so egotistical or arrogant as to suggest that he or she has all the information that you need to be successful. If you run into a claim like that, it's probably very wise to keep a good grip on your wallet because it simply can't be true.

Tip #4: Is the Training General or Specific? Both have their place in adding to your success potential. The focus today is often very specific but that can have its limitations. If you haven't already done so you can explore my article “The Dangers of Relying Solely On ‘On The Job Training" at As with most things in life, a proper balance will definitely serve you best.

Tip #5: Is the Training Affordable? While it is true that there is a great deal of knowledge available free of charge, the task of gathering it can be quite daunting. It will prove very time consuming. This doesn't mean that it shouldn't be part of your learning strategy but don't rely on it exclusively. Expert trainers and coaches do charge for their knowledge just as universities and colleges do. The value of that knowledge is not always determined by the highest price. Plan to pick courses and seminars that are affordable for you. You can choose higher cost options as you improve your financial position if you choose to. The important thing to do is to take action and get the learning process started. Be prepared to invest in your future. A reasonable figure might be 2-3% of your annual income. Investments in education are tax deductible in most jurisdictions.

Tip #6: Is the Trainer the best? This question is similar to Tip #3. The best trainers and coaches will never make that claim. What really matters is whether the training or coaching works well for you. If the material resonates with you and offers help in areas that you need assistance with, you will gain measurable benefit.

Tip #7: When does it end? Realistically, it never does. The marketplace is in a constant state of flux. Even if you find yourself at the top of your field you will benefit from ongoing professional development in order to stay there. Once you quit expanding your knowledge you will find yourself either sliding backwards or being overtaken by the competition.

Tip #8: Is there a Promise of Overnight Results? Get rich overnight is a pipe dream created by Hollywood, lotteries and con artists. In the real word success is a process that is achieved one step at a time. Competence in selling is achievable relatively quickly while excellence and mastery take a little longer. Beware of excessive hype.

Tip #9: Is the Material Easy to Assimilate? Evaluate the material being offered. Be sure that it will be fairly easy to assimilate. It does you no good if you can't understand it. The communication should be conversational in nature. That is the easiest to process. “Test fly" a sample of the training if you can. Chances are that if you receive some new ideas and knowledge the rest will work as well and will pay you significant dividends.

Conclusion: Nothing will happen to advance your career until you seriously commit to taking that first, or perhaps the next in the ongoing steps to change for the better. It can't happen without your help. The key to progressive improvement is action, and you hold that powerful key!

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Behaviors Are the Actions to Improve Selling Skills for Effective Sales Training
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