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Is Working At Home Working For You?


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Make no mistake about it; working from home is a serious undertaking that will need your concentration. If you are thinking that working at home is easy, then you are in for some big surprises. There are alot of people who would swear that they are putting in more time and effort into their home business that what they used to do while they had a 9 to 5 job. Your home business is a serious business that needs to be taken seriously by you. Working form home takes a special person who is a self starter and is dedicated to work when at times, it seems as if that is the last thing you want to do. Some times that can be difficult but, the rewards of having your own business are huge.

I have been self employeed for several years now and I have learned some very valuable lessons along the way. I hope that by sharing with you some of my knowledge, I can help you with your home business and save your valuable time by learning by my mistakes. Every thing is this article applies to any home business from internet marketing to baking brownies wholesale.

I think the first lesson I learned was that I needed to take my self and my business seriously. When I first began my own home business, I didn't structure my time at all. I thought that I could do what I wanted when I wanted. Because of my slacker ways, I let myself take off from work early , take too many sick days, personal days and generally goof off too much. I was too nice of a boss to myself. That is fine to do that once you get going and are making some money, which is one of the ultimate goals of self employment but at that time I wasn't making much money and it was not a good idea for me to be so relaxed. I wasn't making much money. Soon, I realized that I had to take my business seriously or I would end up broke.

It dawned on me one day that I had never been such a slacker working for someone else. I wouldn't have dared for fear of losing my job. If I didn't work, I wouldn't have money. Why wasn't I doing the same thing for my business? I had to apply the same work ethic to my business that I had shown to other employees that I had worked for. I had to show myself and my business the same kind of respect. I asked myself, why would I be such a diligent employee to someone else's company and not to my own business? It didn't make any sense for me. When I asked myself those questions, I began to see things in a different light and I made a decision then and there that to work as hard as I knew I could plus more. My business is worth a stellar effort on my part. I had to split my personality into a boss and an employee and I had to lead my employee self by my boss self and expect good hard work. When I began doing that, my life began to change. I took my business seriously, made a commitment to both selves and soon I started making a good living. Finally, I was gainging my respect.

One of the most helpful things that I did for me and my business was that I wrote out a schedule for myself and stuck to it. I wrote out a schedule as if I was an employeer, and then I expected myself to be present on the job. Not half way present but all that I could give present. I began reflecting on my past job experiences and what I had done to be successful with other companies. I took those experiences with other jobs and realized that for me, if I had been given a guideline, clear expectations for my job and goals, that I would jump through hoops to get it done. Didn't my business deserve that same respect? Wasn't it worth the same kind of dedication that I had given to other companies? When I worked for someone who wasn't as demanding, well, I didn't give my all. It was the same thing in school, too. I always did better for the teacher that expected the most from me since they knew I could do it. I had to expect that same work standard from myself and once I did, things did change. Not overnight but steadily. It took me to realize that my business is just as important if not more, as any other business and I needed to treat it that way.

The critical factor for me was writing out a schedule for myself. I report to work in the morning (which is my downstairs) dressed and ready to go. By dressed I don't mean a suit but something other that my pj's. Some people can work in their pj's but not me since I need structure. It is too relaxed for my personality.

I shut the door behind me and do not answer any personal calls (unless REALLY urgent) only work related calls and the same goes for email. I take an hour for lunch and that hour is for me to get lunch and run errands like going to the post office or bank. I do not use my work hours to do personal errands like I used to. Since often what would occur would be that I would go to the bank in the morning and in transit would decide to go to the grocery and then maybe I could go work out and then on the way home I could stop by a friend's house and visit. Next thing I knew, I was telling myself that I could start work later but then too often though, by the time I got home I wasn't motivated to work and and would tell myself that I would be super good tomorrow and work twice as hard to make up for lost time. That very rarely happend. Kind of sounds like some of my attempts at dieting!

After my one hour lunch, I go back downstairs, shut the door and beging work again until it is time to home. Before I leave though, I clean my desk and get organized for the next day so I won't waste time first thing the next morning.

To tie all this together, the easiest, least expensive way to increase your productivity is to act like a boss and write out a schedule and expect your self to stick to it. Doing this will really help you obtain the kind of business and lifestyle you want. Don't you think that you and your business are worth it? I think so! Now is the time to put this simple action into practice.

Before you do anything more today, write out a schedule for yourself and post it where you can see it. Start following it right away, stick to it and I assure you, you and your home business will benifit from this. The good thing about this advice is that it is free and it can do no harm. If anything, it will help improve your business and your life.

Thank you so much for reading my article and I hope you find it useful and sign up for my next article!

Next weeks article is about how to focus on your home business and not being distracted by so many unimportant things.

Please look forward to more informative articles about my experiences working from home!

Sara Rembert


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