Do You Simply Follow the Leader?

Lloyd Masel

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Why do so many customers choose to support small businesses in preference to big ones?

Consider the competition that small business has to face. Not only from the big supermarkets, but the giant mega-stores, out-of-town convenience malls and now online shopping. Just how does the small business proprietor manage to survive this massive and often cut-throat competition?

It's no different with services. People are not always attracted to multi-national accounting or legal firms or even medical centers.

Granted, the personal service does sometimes, though not always, deteriorate as the company gets bigger and bigger. Individual proprietors can offer caring personal service. Yet, there's another element which is sometimes overlooked. The aspect of uniqueness.

Uniqueness. Who dares to be different in a world where everybody wants to follow the leader and be successful. The multi-millionaire is going to sell heaps more books about how to accumulate wealth than the guy who fell on his face, stoney broke. Can you imagine trying to sell a book titled ‘How to invest for bankruptcy?'

I'd like to write some stories about unique businesses, who not only survive in the mass market, but actually thrive in it. Those who chose to do it their own way. If you would like to have your unique business featured in a story simply send me some details and I'll fashion them into an article that people will enjoy reading and which will even further add to your business success. Just give me all the details you think are important. Remember, I'm looking for UNIQUENESS.

When completed, I'll return the story to you at no cost and you can use it to promote your business. Again, absolutely no cost. No strings attached.

Lloyd Masel spent 40 years shopkeeping specializing in customer relations, staff training, marketing and advertising. You can contact him on il for writing projects.


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