No Fear: A Life Saving Lesson For Business Owners From The World Of Gymnastics


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No Fear!

We’ve all seen the “No Fear” branded merchandise at some time. But last week I saw a different spin on the same phrase that resonated with me. I was at my daughter’s level 10 gymnastics meet. Level 10 is the second highest level in gymnastics. And while on the path to get there all gymnasts have suffered injuries. Broken bones, knee reconstructive surgeries, broken noses, rips, bruises and the list of pain producing injuries goes on. My point is to get to that level of competition takes more than skill. It takes overcoming pain, and it takes overcoming fear, especially after a severe injury.

While there, I spotted a T-shirt that encapsulated what all of them had gone through to get there. It simply stated, “I am not afraid… I was born to do this. ”

This excited me. I immediately recalled “Book Yourself Solid” by Michael Port. One of his basic descriptions of a target market is “offering your services to those whom you were meant to serve. " In other words, if we, as service professionals, align what we do best with the people who need it the most then we will be successful.

To do so requires introspection in two areas. First to discover the things that you really do best, and second to identify who needs it most. Or simply stated, align your core competencies with your target market.

It takes time to really deeply understand what you do best, and it may not be what you want to do. And what you want to do may not be a competency that you have.

But when you really understand your core competencies, the core competencies of your company, you can then ask yourself “Whom am I meant to serve?” And the answer will become clear.

The benefit is more than selling to your target market. The deeper benefit is that when self imposed doubts such as fear of failure, or fear of success, hit us as they invariably will. We will be able to respond to ourselves without any doubt and with total belief…

I am not afraid…

I was born to do this.

This is such an empowering thought that it will take you through the dark days. And you will attract those kinds of clients that you are meant to serve.

If you lack cash, or time and your employees are driving you crazy, think about this for a moment. If you are serving the people whom you were meant to serve then you should not fear. Why? You already know why. Because you were born to do this!

Keith Center is President of Mason International Business Group, Ltd. , an Associate of the Institute for Independent Business, a Certified Guerilla Marketing Coach and the president Butler-Warren (North Cincinnati) Entrepreneurs Club. He conducts a monthly seminar for business owners at the West Chester Chamber of Commerce entitled “How to Grow and Manage Your Business. "


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