How to Develop Healthy Telemarketing and Cold Calling Communication Skills


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Developing good Cold Calling communication skills is essential in sales. Building strong business relationships rely on good communication to survive and prosper in a sales environment. Prospecting for business leads in today's competitive sales industry is critical to survive, prosper and grow. This requires a “Must Have Ability to sell your Ideas to the prospective customer. Remember, people will make their mind up within the first 10 seconds whether they like you. Literally, within the first two minutes, people decide whether they like, want or need your product or service. It is essential, then, for you to have good communication skills for immediate impact.

As a sales person, most of us have to deal with difficult people at some stage or another when making a sales call, so it is essential that we know how to deal with them effectively, to get the best outcome. When using the phone for lead generation, it is inevitable you'll come in contact with irate customers who are having a difficult day themselves and will take their anger out on you, If you are faced with difficulties situations like this as a common part of your day-to-day sales calls it will gradually have an effect on your results, you will become nervous, anxious and stressed. The easiest solution is to eliminate the difficulty from your sales call; here are a few tips to help maintained good communication skills.

  • Where possible avoid getting into any discussion that can easily cause conflict. If you sense the customer is trying to goad you into a discussion that will probably lead to an argument then change the subject or end the conversation.

  • Trying to change the difficult customer you are dealing with will only result in them becoming defensive; it will eventually turn into a power struggle and make the customer even more difficult to deal with.

  • Try changing how you respond to the customer, if the prospect is treating you unacceptably then its time to bid them good day.

  • Try to see the other customer's point of view and remember that you are not always right.

  • Focus on the customers need and not closing the sale. Remember it's what's in it for the customer and not what's in it for you.

  • Accept the reason for the customer not wanting to go ahead with the purchase and not trying to bullying them into signing the order.

  • Learn to recognize when your product or service is not a good fit with the customer needs.

  • Improve your tone of voice. Your tone of voice affects how people respond to you.

  • If worst comes to the worst then just being polite could be the best you can hope with certain people, sometimes people just don’t get on, no matter what.

  • Try to keep professional when talking with a customer who is being difficult.

  • The bottom line is telemarketing professionals with excellent communication skills thrive prosper and grow.

    When prospecting for business sales leads, these are just a few of the ways which you can use in your sales presentation. While they are simple tips, they can make life and the person involved a lot easier to deal with. Along with developing healthier communication skills you should also practice ways of listening effectively, particularly if you are new to sales.

    Claudine Waskowycz is a veteran telemarketing, telesales and cold calling expert, sales trainer, who worked with dozens of organisations to transform their business and sales. She is also the author of, The Cold Calling Game (soon to be released) … is Up and My Sales Conversation Guide. For more telemarketing tools and resources visit

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