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Are you dreaming of being your own boss? I suggest that you stop dreaming and get into action. You never know what happens when you make that decision and go for it. People usually make excuses why they can’t do something, they never look at the things they can do. Why do we do this, always look at the negative. I have wondered myself about this, we sabotage our dreams all the time, without thinking what we are actually doing. It takes changing our thoughts and really that’s about it, when you change the way you think than a whole new world opens up to you. This is were others fail, they don’t like change and they want others to change around them or situations to change. It takes to much effort and they think that others are the problem for were they are right now. If you are really sick and tired of being where you are right now I will give you the steps to financial freedom

How to get started

Look for a company or product that you are passionate about. Then see if there is a demand for the product in the market place. Find out the start up costs and everything you need to start your new business adventure. In most cases you will have a mentor. But if you don’t find someone that you know who has been successful and find out how they have done it and pick their brains. The reasons for a mentor, they have been there before you and they know what you are going to go through and be able to keep you on track Don’t be mistaken by thinking that you don’t need a mentor, I can tell you that you do, they are very valuable and crucial to your success. When you start up your new adventure you have to think long term especially if you have not had a business before. There are going to be new skills that you have to learn and to be able to get out of your comfort zone. How much time will this take? Well that depends on you, how quickly you want to learn and follow instruction and be a good student. The more you read and listen to motivational cd’s, the more you will grow mentally and spiritually. You will become an attractive person and you will attract others to you.

How to set goals

Write down what you want out of your new business. Things like, what sort of house you would like to live in, what car you would like to drive, to be able to educate your children in private school or uni , these are just some ideas, you might have others. What ever they are make them real. Have pictures of your house, car, school or what ever it maybe, but don’t just pick any house, car, school or uni, have a picture of the one that you want and have it on the wall where you can see it everyday. The next thing is to get a box and dress it up like a gift box, and put inside a picture of a holiday you want to take. If you want a house cleaner, put a dusting rag in the box to represent a house leaner. You get the picture, what ever you want, put it in the box. This will start the process of them coming true. I know that this may sound strange but it does work. Then you will be marking them off every time you have achieved them. How cool would that be!

Work your plan of action

Now you have to work your plan of action. You do not want to delay this especially when you have just started and you are excited, allsorts of things can happen when you are in this frame of mind. Even if things don’t go according to plan, always think, what can I learn from this. Always keep a positive mind set and you will always be thinking forward. Always look at the end result like you are already there and how it would feel once you are there. If you take these steps then you will be on your way to financial freedom.

My name is Sue Bektas, I am a business owner and have been in business for three years. I enjoy helping people to achieve their goals in life. When I help others I also help myself in the process.


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4 Simple Steps to Absolute Financial Freedom
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