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Small Business Success Is Not About Doing Great Work- It's About Coordinating Great Work


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Doing Great work: Most Small Businesses exist because their owners do great work and have succeeded in;

  1. Creating, purchasing or otherwise acquiring a product or service
  2. Developing the method of producing and supplying their product to customers
  3. Marketing their business and creating customers.
Achieving some level of success in these areas has created a business.

Now ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your business achieving its potential?
  • Are you satisfied with your business’s overall performance?
  • Is your business what you imagined it would be?
  • Are you doing too much of the work?
If you do not like your answers, perhaps the company is being mismanaged? By You!

Coordinating great work:

The most common mistake made by Small Business owners is assuming too much of the workload themselves. They are too busy to train their employees or they simply do it faster and better themselves. These business owners do great work but have not developed the ability to share the workload without sacrificing quality and performance. This results in failure to grow the business, poor performance or outright business failure. Successful companies are structured in a manner that allows the owner to oversee and supervise company activities. If you want your business to achieve its potential, you must develop effective managerial skills.

Below are a few tips that will improve your managerial abilities and the performance of your employees.

  1. Write down each function contained within your business. (Include sales, marketing, product development, administration, finance, and operations).
  2. Identify your personal strengths and weaknesses and assign yourself functions so that you maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Work to improve on your weaknesses but find someone else to do the things you are not good at.
  3. Assign responsibility for each remaining function to someone else based upon their skills. Define their responsibilities in a written Job Description. Job descriptions specify the desired result for each function included within that job. Do not confuse job descriptions with Procedures which specify the tasks, method or process. For example, the Job Description for the “fry guy” at a fast food restaurant might be stated as “maintain an adequate supply of fresh French fries to meet demand as it arises”. The Procedure would state that “fries are placed in the fryer for 7 minutes”. In this case, the employee could follow The Procedure yet fail miserably at achieving the objective included in their Job Description.
  4. Document the “best way" to perform each business task. Everything you do to create and supply your product or service should be documented and included in a Procedure Manual. Make sure your procedures include due dates as well as a detailed description of the process.
  5. Give all employees the documented Procedure Manual (the “best way") and their written Job Description. Make sure each person understands these responsibilities. Review these documents with them as many times as reasonably necessary.
  6. Supervise your employees. That is what successful business owners do. It’s your business; don’t leave it to your employees to decide how your business is run or how your customers are treated. After you have assigned them responsibilities, set aside time daily to discuss what they are working on and what problems they are facing. Provide guidance and training to improve your employees’ capabilities and increase their responsibilities. Take the time to know what they are doing and how they are doing it. That is your job! Share your company’s vision. Hold company meetings and discuss the challenges your company is facing as well as any recent success in overcoming challenges. Listen to their ideashttp://www.KMAAdvisors.Net


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