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Many people wrongly believe that buying a business is a big risk to take. Personally, I think that putting your fate in someone else’s hands is way more risky. While there is some inherent risk buying a business, much, if not all, can be eliminated simply by doing your due diligence beforehand and research thoroughly any business you consider purchasing.

Before, redundant workers simply adopted the strategy of looking for another job. Unfortunately, jobs are not plentiful today. If you’ve spent any time looking for one, you know how frustrating, humiliating and time-consuming the process can be, often with no results.

If you have the desire to be your own boss, it’s something that is within your reach, and can easily be achieved. If you plan carefully, and have your marketing strategy in place, there is no reason why you couldn’t achieve your goal in six months or sooner.

I know many people who have said, “enough is enough!” Most people hate their jobs. They are terribly uncertain about the future. They’re tired of giving their best with little or no thanks and a salary that hardly keep your head above water and they’ve finally realized that controlling their own destiny is what they truly want from their career.

If you still employed, instead of waiting around for your company to let you go because they had one bad quarter and now want to save costs at your expense, take control of your future and fire your boss! This is going to be YOUR year, because the market for entrepreneurs is exploding, regardless of what the so-called “experts” may say about the economy.

So what kind of business should you go for?

If you do a search on Google, you will be surprised to see how many businesses are available. You need to do your due diligence so that you know the books are correct, speak to the customers and see if they will be happy with new management, and look over the business plan to see the various strategies the previous owner was using.

You can also look at buying a franchise, which many say is a safer option, because often a franchise comes with a guarantee. Also, the franchise has undeniable proof of success.

Another business model you can look at is Network Marketing. This is not as expensive to start up and run as a business and franchise, so it minimises the risk. You also have systems in place that you can use just like a franchise, and you have help ready when you need it.

Whatever you choose, the fact is that buying yourself a business is the best gift you can ever give yourself as you will be in charge of your future from then on. If you have any desire to be in business for yourself, then now’s the time to do it! So this year, get yourself the greatest gift of all - a business of your own!

Hannah du Plessis, an ex schoolteacher currently living in New Zealand started her first Network Marketing business in 2005. Early in 2006 she discovered the joys of Internet Marketing and now has her own Traffic Exchange and Article Directory


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