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Lets talk about a principle that I and many other successful salon professionals have used to get “there” the quickest.

The law of attraction states that we are literally living magnets. Depending on what we think about most of the time-causes the world around us to reflect those thoughts. Why? Because thinking causes feeling- And the universe responds to your feelings. Your current circumstances, believe it or not, are a reflection of the thoughts and feelings that you have most of the time. You have attracted your current situation! Now, I know this is hard to except but these are biblical principles we are talking about. Have you ever noticed that complaining people-ALWAYS COMPLAIN? And they have the circumstances to prove it! Have you ever noticed that successful people are always in the best mood? And they have the circumstances that can prove it as well. Does that mean that successful people don’t have issues? No No No! They have problems as well. But, they don’t dwell in them. They move on to better thoughts. Better thoughts lead to Better Feelings! Better Feelings lead to Better Circumstances! That’s the name of the game.

Here is the BILLION DOLLAR QUESTION! Who are you BEING right now? Are you BEING the six or seven figure salon professional? Who you are BEING will impact your FEELINGS. NOTE: Success is not some place that you get to. It’s who you are BEING right now in this moment. Be and FEEL your success NOW! The world around you will respond to your FEELINGS. Your situation and circumstances will be a reflection of those feelings.

This is the FASTEST WAY TO BRING SUCCESS TO YOU. Try it now! FEEL GOOD right now! Do something good for your next client-free service or product. And watch what happens over time. If you will dare to FEEL GOOD and DO GOOD for the next thirty days, I will bet that your life will reflect those good feelings. Your income will increase! Your relationships will get better! Your health will improve! Just try it! This principle will change your life. Guaranteed!!!

Bye for now.

Talk soon… Kevin L. Horne

Your Income/Acceleration Coach

Kevin L. Horne (K. L) is an accomplished hair and grooming professional and author.


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Your Hair Salon And Your Health
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