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Affiliate marketing is really booming online and it shows no signs of slowing down. More and more people come to the internet everyday to make some quick cash or to setup a steady stream of part time income. As such, the popularity of affiliate marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. Affiliates sell other people’s products for a commission, usually within 30-60%, and in this article I am going to show you how exactly you can use the popularity of this system to triple your own sales.

As a small business owner, you may wonder why on earth you would pay someone such a big chunk of a sale. Your concern is indeed valid and let me answer that for you right here. You see, affiliates market your product for you and in doing so free up a lot of your time so you can focus on new strategies, customer service or on launching new products. So, it is not very much different than hiring sales people, why would you pay them? Definitely because they make your life so much easier! But, that’s not all. Affiliates bring in leads and we all know how valuable leads are. Think of it this way, if you pay an affiliate $30 on a $100 dollar sale that is 30% of the product. However, when you remain in contact with the customer and sell them more through your back-end, that is a greater profit for you right there. Satisfied customers do not only buy once they make repeated purchases and therefore it makes sense to spend a little money to let them test your service. You are getting a customer for life!

That is the simplest example of how affiliates can increase your business. In order to get affiliate marketing working for you however, you need a good system in place. And, this is exactly where it gets even more interesting. There are so many affiliate tracking softwares being sold today and I have tested many of them. The great thing about these softwares is that they take affiliate marketing to the next level. They not only help you track who is making the sales, they have powerful tools to turn your customers into real time sales people for you. But, that’s not all! These softwares come with some of the most brilliant marketing tools known to mankind.

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