Have the Right Mindset and Your Business Success Will Follow

Brian James

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Ask yourself a question. “What is the number 1 reason you started your own business and what do you want to achieve from it?”

Invariably the answer for ambitious business owners is to achieve financial freedom and in doing so create an independent life. For many, this is the key driving force apart from those who just want to have a lifestyle business. Generating a comfortable lifestyle is a fine goal however I believe it’s much more exciting to create an independent life rather than just another job!

Well, the sad news is that most business owners only ever achieve a reasonable lifestyle not the financial freedom that many of them long for. Why is this? Having worked with business owners for over 20 years I have discovered several key reasons for this:

  • Lack of a clear strategy

  • Lack of true commitment to fulfil goals

  • The short-term need just to earn money (to pay bills etc)

  • Need to satisfy the immediate demands of customers and staff

  • Ineffective marketing

  • Poor implementation due to lack of appropriate systems

  • Not able to rely on others to get work done consistently and to a high standard

    From the business owners I have worked with I have also discovered that there are 7 elements that create success and produce financial freedom. I would like to share them with you over as series of articles. In this article I would like to cover “having a winning mindset” as this is probably the biggest single ingredient of success or failure.

    Have a winning mindset You need to decide what defines you. These are your beliefs, your habits and who you spend time with. You need to truly believe with total mind, heart and soul conviction that you can achieve what you want in life. This can be achieved by helping others through the appropriate application of your knowledge and skills.

    The fruits of our life are the result of cause and effect impacting on us. Some people make the mistake of concentrating on the fruit. They want the fruit (the effect – the success) but fruit doesn’t come from fruit. Fruit comes from seed. It is cause. In order to create our success we need to focus on the cause.

    For example, if we are at a well and we want water we will have to prime the pump first. If we are standing over a fire wanting heat we need to add fuel and light it first. We can shout and stamp for water and warmth to no effect. We have to take the appropriate action before we get the results. In our lives we have to give before we receive. These are all universal laws and as such they always work. Just like gravity always works.

    We need to learn to manage challenges and use them as stepping stones not stopping signs. Every problem can be broken down. There are only 3 types of challenges we ever face. They are relationship based, financial or health related. We have to keep moving. There is no time for standing still. Throw out indecision and procrastination, the thieves of time and opportunity.

    We all go through learning experiences. When we have a challenge this is a test for us to overcome and learn from. Everything happens for a reason and there is always a solution. We only receive challenges to the extent that we have the capability to solve them. As long as we are prepared to keep looking for solutions then we will find them. The solution is often at a higher level of thinking than that which created the problem. We therefore need to be creative and be prepared to change and adapt.

    You may need to reinvent yourself before you become the person you need to be to reach the level of success you want. For example, consider the success of people like Madonna and Richard Branson. They are constantly evolving to attract more people to buy from them.

    It takes time to change and produce fruit. Don’t expect instant results. As well as time it takes:

  • Vision (insight, deep understanding and foresight a clear view of the future)

  • Passion (A blend of love & hate)

  • Inspiration (Being totally driven from within)

  • Perspiration (Back your goals with action)

  • Enthusiasm (You have to sell yourself first before convincing others)

  • Commitment (An unstoppable mindset)

    By applying a winning mindset this will lead you on a path to the ultimate achievement of your goals.

    If you would like a free, no obligation 40 minute telephone consultation (valued at £666) then call free in the UK on 0800 612 0618, email mail@brianjamesgroup.com or visit my website at http://www.brianjamesgroup.com/sales.html Brian James.

    ISBN 0-9548916-0-0. Brian has been working in the corporate marketplace for 25 years as a marketing and business development professional. He is a published author of 2 business management books and creator of the breakthrough TripleM marketing methodology. He is an associate member of the Institute of Business Advisers, a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Vice President and Fellow of the Institution of British Engineers. He specialises in Strategic Marketing.

    Brian has worked with blue-chip and medium sized companies across sectors as diverse as manufacturing, retail, telecommunications and financial services covering research and development, sales, marketing, training and executive management. The larger organisations he has worked with include the Prudential Group and British Telecom.

    He currently operates as Chairman of the Brian James Group a business advisory Group for owner managed businesses - Offering specialist advice in all areas of business management and academy membership programmes that provide ongoing regular coaching and mentoring support.

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