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Anthony Chambers

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Most people coming to the internet are looking to make affiliate sales very quickly, without a long learning curve, and preferably, with very little out of pocket cash.

Is it possible? Yes, it is possible, but you have to know a little more than just cut and paste. If you follow the advice in the sales copy of some Internet marketers, you will not think so however.

To make online sales without paying a lot of money or without a long learning curve, you have to get hooked up with a system that is somewhat automated. This will leave you only with the task of promoting your new business, and at the same time, putting down some real, long-lasting roots on the internet.

By long-lasting roots, I mean building a name for yourself that will continually grow as the months go by. In the not too distance future, anyone must be able to google your name, and find your articles, sites, or pages, all over the net.

So what is available today for someone who is new to the internet, and looking to make residual income fairly quickly? Over the last few years, some savvy marketers have developed systems that allow you to tap into the vast market reach of Amazon, ebay, or clickbank, to garner sales of other people's products, for a decent commission.

These seem to work well. The more popular ones of course, are those that combine the databases of these systems into one seamless whole. By doing this, you can present products or services to your prospects from a variety of affiliate systems so that you get the best of all worlds; good variety, automated commission sales, and back office services that free you from the mundane tasks.

So to be clear, you should consider affiliate sales systems that will present products from the top major markets like clickbank, paydotcom, and ebay without the need to create a website from scratch. These affiliate directories should ideally be on your own domain name with some flexibility to you the owner. If you do not have that type of control, you will simply be working for someone else.

This means that you can promote your site, build gateway pages, or even write articles that will result in natural search engine traffic. Natural Search engine traffic is important because it is the cheapest way to get sales, apart from sending emails to prospects.

one more advantage of having an affiliate directory to promote affiliate products and services, is that you can use the site to build your brand. You should choose a domain name that reflects you, build your expertise, and make you money. As you build a list, and send out emails, people will remember your name, know you, and buy from you. After all, this is what will define your success as an online entrepreneur.

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