12 Reasons to Start Your Home Business - Now!


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To start, right off the bat I can tell you that 10 to 15% of my subscribers reading this email may not need to know anything about it.

Of course whether or not you're part of this group depends on your specific situation.

To see whether or not what I'm about to reveal will apply to you, just ask yourself these 15 quick questions:

1) Do you have your own web site? If you don't have a web site that you have 100% control over, or you're promoting affiliate pages you can't make changes to, or you've got a site hosted on a system that makes it nearly impossible to edit your pages, this REALLY applies to you.

2) Do you spend time wondering what it would be like to have your own successful online business? If so, this applies to you!

3) Have you ever spent more than 2 hours to put up a web site? If so, this applies to you.

4) Have you ever paid someone to design a web site for you? If so, you definitely need to keep reading.

5) Have you ever tried to design a web site on your own but gave up due to sheer frustration or lack of info on what to do next? If so, this applies. Keep reading.

6) Do you have a bunch of “half done" web sites on your desktop? If so, this REALLY applies to you!

7) Do you think it's too hard to create your own info-product? If you answered yes, what I'm about to share with you applies.

8) Do you have any idea what a “mailing list" really is? If not, this applies to you.

9) Are you using your autoresponder to make sales to your existing list on a 24/7 basis? If not, this applies.

10) Do you have a profitable sales letter posted to your website? If not, this applies to you more than anyone else!

11) Do you have a web page that isn't converting as well as you'd like? Keep reading and I'll show you how you can turn that around in no time at all.

12) Do you want to sell products online but haven't gotten around to doing anything about it? If so, go to the URL below immediately. You've already spent too much time doing what doesn't work. Now it's time to get it right!

Finally, if you're not 100% satisfied with the results you are achieving right now, then this applies to you.

Brian Davis Owner of http://www.TurnKeyHome.Biz


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