3 Tips On How To Sell For The Shy And Fearful


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I don't need to go into statistics(boring) but you know that selling is the key to business success and is one of the most lucrative careers in the world. Selling is one career where people can make an unlimited income with a high school degree or no education at all. So how can you bring out the salesperson in you?

1) Whatever you sell you must believe in. So if you are going to pick a product or service: make sure it's something you respect, use and know unequivocally is the best quality within it's genre. This belief is important because it reduces fear and helps you to be naturally passionate about presenting your product. This will alleviate the guilt feeling of “pushing" something off on someone.

Have you ever used a good product, saw a good movie, found a new service which you thought was the best; only to share it with your friends and family members and find them running off to embrace your new find based on your recommendation: This is sales. You've done it before. You may say: this is different because I'm not the one collecting the profits. Asking people for money is difficult.

2) Money is a charged issue; you must examine your own feelings and experiences about spending money which will give you insight in overcoming the negative feelings about asking someone else for their money. When you buy something and get a good deal: you feel pretty good about spending money. To the contrary, if you buy something only to find the product or service is low quality or a “rip off": you are disappointed and may have even affirmed you will never buy that again.

It's easier to ask for money when the product or service is of value or you get more than you bargained for. You need to sell that which you feel is a quality product. You must do your research. You must be honest with yourself and your customer about the pros and cons of spending “x dollars" for this product or service. If you can present a excellent presentation and the customer has a need for what you represent: the sales process takes care of itself.

3) But what if the customer says “no"? what about rejection? What do you do if the product is good, the price is right but they still don't want to buy? One perspective is to tackle each objection of the customer until eventually they must say “yes". I propose that you present the pros and cons of your product in comparison to similar products on the market; sincerely seek to know and understand what your customer wants, and listen to the customer. Engage the customer as you would a friend and educate them. Dont’ push: just show and tell, ask questions to find out what more they would like to understand and don't take it personally if they say no. Thank them for their time and move on.

Redefine selling : you should look at what you are doing as a well researched educator sharing something you believe in and attempting to find a match with someone who needs your product or service. Make sure the product is one you use yourself or would buy yourself. If not: your lack of integrity will make it hard to sell.

If salesmanship is viewed as an educational experience and finding a person looking for what you have to offer, then what is normally called rejection is actually the process of weeding out those who don't want your product with the goal to find those who do want your product. Be honest, know your product, share your enthusiasm, listen to your customer, give them the best price for the quality and make the buyer's need the focal point rather than yourself and selling will come easy to you.

Sandra G. Williams is a writer for Red Carpet Keim Will Cooperate Realty(http://www.redcarpetkeimwillcooperate.com ) and believes in the company and realtor, Willie C. Williams, with over 50 years experience working with home buyers and investors ready willing and able to learn about real estate investment in Michigan. If this article is reprinted please give credits to the author.


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