Wake-Up and Attract Clients!

Kaya Singer

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Your customers can't clearly see who you are.

They can't distinguish you from the trillion of other people doing the same thing.

In just 15 seconds you have to make yourself stand out and be liked. They would love you if they knew who you were.

So how do you attract people into paying clients? This is what business is all about. You offer a valuable product or service. You want people to know this and to like you enough that they give you money in exchange. Simple.

You might be thinking. hmm. not so simple since I don't seem to have customers beating down my door.

But it is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Become crystal clear who you are selling to and what they want. What they want is the key.

2. Make yourself be seen in your uniqueness. Most of you are so subjective that you don't see what that is, so you end up looking like everyone else.

3. Give a consistent message that is emotionally compelling.

You do all three of these things and you will shine!

There are no two realtors, doctors, or web builders that are the same. Your products or services might be similar but people choose you for other reasons.

Too many business owners waste money on advertising that doesn't work. The most powerful marketing costs very little.

Some thinking errors of new business owners:
1. I am offering a great service so people will just find me.
2. If I put an ad in the paper I will get swarms of calls.
3. If I make the price low enough people will see a good deal.
4. If I give out my business cards I will get calls.
5. If I hang out my shingle it will just happen.

Wrong! If you are doing all those things and expecting to get clients swarming to your door, you are either hiding, you are not sure who you are, or you are afraid to really go for it.

If you have read this far then you are ready to come out of the clouds and learn the secrets to letting your potential clients see you. If you need to make a change. If what you have been doing this far has not been

working. If you are ready to step out into the light.

  • Be clear about what makes you different,

    unique, or special.

  • Really know your ideal client.
  • Take risks in your own behalf.

    Be the best you can be and your business will show the results!

    Kaya Singer, owns Awakening Business Solutions. She helps small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs attract right clients. Kaya teaches that is possible to have purpose and prosperity. Kaya can be reached at 503-493-1199 http://www.awakeningbusiness.com

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    You MUST Use Conviction and Authority to Attract More Clients
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