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Find Your Passion!


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For a arts and crafts business to survive and prosper, you have to love what you are doing. .

You need to be passionate about your craft, in order to sell to potential customers, especially at craft shows, where you are face to face with the customer. . .

A lot of people, visit craft shows and craft stores, and think “Oh I could do that, ". . promptly go home and try to mass produce a craft, set up a table and sit in a chair . . . waiting for the customers to show up. . If this is you, then STOP right now. . .because its not going to work!. . The customer can spot you a mile away, and it will probably show in your products. . the quality and the pride will not be there. . !

Once you have found your passion, or your arts and craft interest, you will love working on your projects for you!. . there will be times in your business, when your products will not sell, and if you were never passionate about what you were doing in the first place, the first sign of a downturn and you will be quitting. . . If you love what you do, it will most likely, carry you through the lean times.

After all, you were making these crafts for you and family, before you decided to sell them. . thus the statement. . . Turn your hobby into a profitable business. It needs to be something you enjoy, love doing, and are always finding new ideas to expand your project. . . always coming up with new ideas!. . If you don't really like it, then it will be nothing but a big chore to you, and you will not prosper.

You need to be able to stand back, and beam with pride, knowing you put your best effort into your products. . . whether its for money or not. . . Most crafters, who are passionate about there work, will tell you they had a houseful of arts and crafts. . .before, they decided to turn it into a business. . meaning they already loved their hobby. .

So, find something you love to do. . . and you will prosper!

Article by Diane Palmer. . is a website by Diane Palmer, with more than 15 years in the crafts business. Learn creative ways to make and sell crafts, online, craft shows, fairs and more. . Turn your craft hobby into a business!


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