How to Earn a Safe Income From Horse Racing


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Many people seek an alternative (or second income) from Home Based Business. Only after they are in do they really get to the disappointment - the set up costs and low returns from MLM, pyramids and the like.

Horse Racing has nearly always been associated with gambling and there a mass of cure-all ‘magic pills’ offered worldwide from within the Gambling Industry claiming overnight success and profit for one's money, if only they spend another $1000 on a computer program or subscribe to a “better” $100 per month race tipping service etc.

The TEST OF TIME is the only true test of any business. And when it comes to profitability, it is the only one.

Whether it is a cafe, hairdressing salon, a garage, used car lot, all business has its ups and downs. The critical aspect of all business is Cash Flow management. Fundamentally and simply put, a positive FLOW of CASH into the business is critical for its survival. It is how a business owner handles the low Cash Flow months that ultimately determines the long term success of the business.

Most ‘gambling’ business adverts show outrageous returns on investment and claim to turn millionaires out of people struggling to pay the mortgage within 6 months or less!

Yes you can make $5000 this weekend at the Casino, but, you can also lose $10000 next week chasing loses at the Dice table or Roulette wheel too.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Do many offers sound too good to be true?

But, there is an alternative to the marketing hype.

Just run any potential Home Business Opportunity through the following key tests and see how they perform:-

1) How long has the concept/product been on the market?
2) What is the TOTAL COST of ownership?
3) How many hours per week do you personally have to invest in running this new business?
4) Can it be run legally anywhere in the world?
5) Does it provide a TAX FREE income with potential to replace full time employment ?
6) Can past results be independently verified by YOU?
7) Is the business RECESSION proof?

The above are simple, common sense questions any potential buyer of a business product or service should ask.

Recently I purchased a simple, easy to use HORSE RACING selection and investment product for less than the cost of a meal at a decent restaurant.

The product claims years of profitable success.

It is based on COMMON SENSE, not GREED. It offers a BUSINESS approach as an INVESTOR to the GAMBLING Industry. It makes realistic claims of believable GROWTH, not offers of instant millions. In fact, it starts with very small figures, includes hand-holding and training and recommends not using real money until you are comfortable with using it. Any programme that starts like that is a lot different to the others.

The product works, its author provides great customer support and I STRONGLY RECOMMEND it to all seeking a value for money alternative to the ‘Get Rich Quick Scams', the MLM promises, the “pyramid” ideas that flood the Home Business Market.

Please see full details here

Apply the SEVEN QUESTIONS above to alternate offers and see where VALUE for MONEY wise they compare to the long term viability of this product. REALISTIC PROFITS that can replace a full time income over a realistic business building time frame. Definitely from my experience a Winner amongst the many charades of the HOME BUSINESS and Gambling Business Opportunity Market.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Tim Thexton is a recognised authority on the subject of horse racing and the use of horse racing systems. Having tried MLM at different times, he comments from personal experience. To find out more about the top horse racing systems, click here.


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