Office Furniture Imported From China is Growing in Volume

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The number of office furniture manufacturing facilities is increasing in China to meet with the demand and need in the US. Offering an amazing price discount for basically the same products as their US competitors, they are gaining new business from office furniture dealers, both online and in retail establishments. When it comes to buying office chairs in bulk for an office environment, price can make all the difference in the decision making process.

The Chinese market for office manufacturing, as compared to other countries which also provide volume shipments, has a market which seems to be growing at a rapid rate. With many different choices listed on a site like Alibaba, a directory of international manufacturers and shipment companies, China comes up with the most listings.

New office spaces can require a large amount of working capital for buying furniture and buying in bulk can be necessary. It is also important to save time and make sure to get the right products necessary at the lowest cost. Imported chairs in bulk, such as task chairs for standard employee use and high-end executive models are all available from Chinese manufacturers at an amazing price point.

When ordering an entire room full of conference chairs or that very important wood conference table, imported models can offer a price that allows the executive to purchase the supplies and still stay on budget.

U. S. manufacturer’s are not out of the game yet. The US competitors still remain strong when it comes to producing a high-end ergonomic custom chair, with Humanscale and Herman Miller leading the pack. The United States has several different manufacturers of custom ordered furniture but China still holds strong for the standard office chair with mass production available to importers. For a standard office chair or furniture piece, Chinese imported models still provide the user with high quality and the lowest price.

Some large U. S. office furniture distributors such as Office Star, also obtain some of their inventory from overseas manufacturer’s in China and have been importing chairs and furniture for some time from overseas. With more large distributors tapping into the overseas market, the doors will open wider for the smaller businesses, leading to more overseas product available in the US. As more and more dealers are purchasing from China, it is hoped that the price will still stay as low as it can to both the customers and the importers.

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