Returnable Plastic Packaging: 7 Universal Cost Saving Tips

David Marinac

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You will find the tips in this first section to be useful in saving money regardless of the specific returnable packaging you decide to use. Keep them in mind throughout your packaging purchases. These tips cover (but aren't limited to) plastic corrugated, thermoformed plastic trays and pallets, and other reusable products

1. Consider using thinner plastic. The chances are good you will save money when you can reduce the thickness, regardless of which Returnable Packaging product you are using. Because of the advances in film structures, in many cases you’ll be able to increase the strength while reducing the thickness.

2. Plan Ahead. Purchasing or committing to take an additional month or two of product will assure that you have product when you need it.

3. Designate a freight carrier if you have an existing relationship with one. Your discounted rate with a carrier (Roadway, CCX, Old Dominion, etc) can have a drastic impact on your bottom line.

4. Ask your supplier to hold inventory for you. This reduces your cost, locks in your pricing (the plastic industry can be volatile), and frees up your storage space.

5. Implement an Automatic Replenishment Program with your supplier. It will make your life and your supplier’s life much easier.

6. Determine a Safety Stock amount for your supplier to keep on hand at all times in case of an emergency. You can identify the correct amount by reviewing your sales activities during the past quarter or year.

7. Rely on your Packaging Professional for help and guidance. They expect you to know your business and realize you may not be as familiar with theirs.

Returnable Plastic Packaging Conclusion:

Returnable plastic packaging includes so many different products. However, with plastic as its main component, these tips can and will help anyone reduce or even eliminate price increases.

David Marinac

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