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Why on earth would someone want to hire you? I mean it, because the answer to this question will make the difference between you getting the job or not. Resumes are not ‘sales letters’ as many people will teach you. Just put yourself in the shoes of the person reading hundreds of resumes and you will know what I mean. Your resume is more of a marketing tool than anything else. You want to provoke an interest in ‘you’ and the main objective of your resume is to get invited for an interview. If you are going to try and land a job with your resume, you will probably fail miserably. All you want is the interview. If you are looking for help writing your resume, let me offer you the following tips.

- Keep It Short And To The Point…
Rambling on and on about things of little value to anyone will only annoy the person reading it. You have to cut through the ‘fluff’ and get to the facts – that is what everybody wants to see in the end. Don't be afraid to use bullet points and abbreviations.

- Choose Your Words Carefully…
Language is a very interesting thing. Certain words just seem to have a greater impact on us and tends to effects us and motivate us more or less. When writing your resume, you want to use action words – these are words that invoke a greater reaction within the reader. It's the difference between saying you ‘came up’ with a great idea versus you ‘master-minded’ a great new idea. Same thing, communicated in different ways with vastly different effects on the reader.

- Appeal To The Reader…
It's been proven in advertising that numbers and figures sell. If you are told that a washing powder will improve the brightness of your washing by 121% it has a far better sales result than merely saying it will leave your washing brighter than ever before. Use as many percentages, numbers and figures as possible. It's factual, to the point and easy to read. Most people are automatically draws to these as they read resumes.

- Meet The Needs…
Writing and structuring your resume around a specific job is essential. You have to write your resume to appeal to what is required and what the job demands. Before you even start writing your resume, you should note down the 5 most important things that is wanted for the job you are applying for and keep this in mind as you are writing your resume. You want to place the emphasis on this and structure your skills around these needs. The best help writing your resume can be found in the job advertisement and the company's website.

- Make It Look Good…
The very first impression of you will be the way your resume looks. Even before someone starts reading it they will form an opinion of you – they cannot help but form an opinion based on the presentation of your resume. Keep it ‘nice and clean’ and don't stuff pages and pages with clogged up text and funny fonts. Make it look professional and if you haven't got the sills, then get someone who can help.

- Get A Qualified Opinion(s)…
It's critically important that you get at least two people to read your resume before it leaves your front door. Spelling mistakes are a major ‘no-no’ and are simply unacceptable. Apart from that, you want to ensure that it reads well and that it makes sense. If you can get a qualified opinion it is even better – someone in the same industry will be able to give you invaluable advice.

Getting help writing your resume is incredibly important because there is a science to it. Often the best candidates for a job never even get invited for an interview simply because they failed to write an effective resume. You need to do yourself justice with your resume and in the end it is your ticket to getting that dream job?

Article by Deon Du Plessis

If you found this information useful and you would like more advice on writing highly persuasive resumés, visit for more information and example resumes.

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