5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid


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If you've ever been on an active job search, you know how crucial a quality resume is to getting the job interview. Let's take a look at five common resume mistakes people make that you should avoid if you want your resume to stand out in a positive light.

1) Fancy Paper - This is a big no no. White, off white, and possibly manilla are the only colors you should consider for your resume paper. Yes, neon green and hot pink will stand out in that large stack of resumes that youre potential employer is sifting through. It will stand out and make it easier for them to pull it out of the stack and toss it in the trash.

2) Old and Outdated Information - At a certain point, some information on your resume will really be irrelevant to whether or not you are qualified for the job. If you are a new college graduate, part time jobs you held during high school may be relevant. It shows your responsibility at a young age and that you could manage your time well by working and going to school. However, if you've been in the workforce for the last ten years, your employer is not going to want to see those jobs on your resume. Toss them.

3) Mispellings & Typos - This should never happen. Your resume is at most two pages long. It's an extremely important document in your life. If you have typos or mispellings on your resume, your potential employer is really going to question whether you can handle the responsibility of the position. Read your resume thoroughly and then have someon you trust read through it as well.

4) Falsified Information - AKA, LIES! I shouldn't have to include this point but it happens over and over again. Just don't do it. It will come back to haunt you eventually.

5) Other Information - Don't include any type of attachments with your resume, other than the cover letter. If you have other information that is relevant but does not fit neatly into your resume, it's something you should save to bring to the job interview, if you get it.

While it's important to know what information to include in your resume and now to present that information in the best light, it's also very important to avoid certain mistakes and information on your resume as well. By avoiding these mistakes you are halfway to a high quality resume that will get noticed in a good way.

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