5 Magical Steps to Blue Moon Marketing

Jan Verhoeff

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Every once in a while an idea comes along that just sweeps you off your feet, down the aisle, and next thing you know you’re married to a new concept. Beyond the random jilted at the altar feeling of abandonment when it doesn’t work, the vision is wonderful, presenting an ongoing opportunity to just experience success.

Blue moon marketing offers a kaleidoscope of opportunities to Brand Your Market and get known in the big bad world of marketing for a specific event or accomplishment.

1. Create an event.

Valentine’s Day evokes thoughts of flower shops, roses, chocolate, and cards ripe with emotion. Cupid must have been a master of marketing to become so well known. The stakes are high, if you don’t receive flowers, chocolates, and a card on that day of Love, you must not be loved… How sad! If you don’t give flowers, chocolates, and a card on that day, you won’t be loved for long. Work on emotional appeal. If you can FEEL it, it must be worth your efforts.

2. Give it explosive power.

The Forth of July could possibly say Independence without fireworks, but would it have the marketing impact? By trumping your Marketing Event with enthusiasm, you multiply the results with explosive power. Picnics, fishing, sightseeing, and fireworks displays on the Forth of July are all about the enthusiasm and excitement we feel when we celebrate our Independence. If it doesn’t excite you, it probably won’t benefit your business much.

3. Be generous.

That big fat guy in the red suit isn’t the only one who gives it all away on Christmas. God sent His Son to start the event off with a Star in the East. Bright lights welcome visitors to the best Grand Openings, and Christmas was no different. God knew He had to announce the arrival of His gift to the World, and He did so with a Star. Give valuable merchandise, information, or products away and get their attention wit bright lights.

4. Announce your Celebration.

When you start off a business, or a marriage, you should send announcements. Alert the press, bring in the media, and kick it off with lights and activities. Any time you open a new business, or bring out a new product, create a press release and tell the world about it. Celebrate your accomplishments, and get known instantly for your achievements.

5. Experience the magic.

Pat yourself on the back and enjoy the rush of adrenalin that comes from accomplishment. You’ve worked hard, you’ve earned the right to experience the joy and celebrate the magic, so take a moment and bask in the warmth of your accomplishments. Everyone deserves a day off after a great accomplishment. Take a moment and revel in the success of your Blue Moon Marketing Experience.

Just don’t get stuck there.

Blue Moon Marketing is a concept based marketing proposal that bounces great accomplishments into action. Move your business to success with Marketing Tips and Ideas from Bling Bling Marketing. Claim your FREE Subscription at http://mindcontrol.cn

© 2007 - Jan Verhoeff


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