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Recent studies show that some 10 million plus home based businesses exist in the U. S alone. Within the top three are wholesale and retail trading, so creating and selling gift baskets would certainly be included in this group. This type of business would be especially attractive to an entrepreneur who would enjoy the freedom to express their creativity by assembling beautiful and unique gift baskets, in fact, this may be just the type of business that could work for you! There are already thousands of people providing this service, however, there are literally millions of busy people who rely on this kind of service, so there's plenty of room for you in the gift basket business. Here are a few tips to help you get started!

The first step is to create your Business Objective by clearly outlining the ideal situation for your gift basket business. What is your vision? Brainstorming is helpful at this point, and once this is accomplished, break it all down and define it from there. Use all or your ideas to inspire you to really do it! To get started with your own home based business, it's always wise to start small and create a short term plan for success, and develop this further with a long term plan? This helps to give you direction to take the required steps to actualize your dream of being a home based entrepreneur.

Next you'll want to try to understand your client base. Who are your target clients? Will it be working moms between the ages of 30-45, or maybe single executive types with lots of money and little time, or maybe a combination of the two. If you keep your offerings stylish and classic, you'll attract a wide array of clients who are drawn to the quality your products offer.

You'll want to also know your competition. There's a lot of them out there, but narrow it down to researching gift basket assembler websites with a similar vision as yours. Try to figure out how they're successful, how they present themselves and learn from your research. Take what you admire, and bring it up to the next level of uniqueness and quality. It will help your business grow if you can add something that set's you apart from the rest!

Think about the importance of marketing your product. Just because it's a home based business it doesn't mean you don't need creative advertising ideas. This is an area that pays to invest time and money into since a large portion of your capital needs to be used for advertising and promotion! Direct mailing in your area is an excellent place to start, as is donating a couple of finished baskets, with business card attached, to local charities for raffles. For a wider client base, you might consider developing a website to show off your samples to a potential world wide audience. This will also help your business grow if you want to expand your client base and have the facilities to ship your product throughout the U. S. and Canada or even further if you're really ambitious.

Always plan for ongoing client support. Your clients should still feel like you care, even after they've paid you. Be available for feedback which will help you figure out ways to ensure repeat business! People love a personal touch in a world that is increasingly impersonal.

These ideas should help to get you started being your own boss as a Gift Basket entrepreneur. Have confidence in yourself, have fun, and you'll soon begin to earn your own income from home!

Glenn Cutforth is a writer, graphic designer and publisher of quality eBooks at

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Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the best ways to create wealth and freedom for yourself. If you're interested in learning more about how to be an entrepreneur, visit at


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