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How to Develop Great Presentation Skills - 5 Aspects of A Great Presentation

Melvin Vu

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I have written several here on the main subject “How to Develop Great Presentation Skills”. What I am trying to do is to provide quick implementable tips and methods for readers who are interested to boost their presentation skills. I have received some comments on the articles. The most common question asked is what do I consider as a great presentation. You might have already seen on the Internet, read in books or hear from “experts” that there are many definitions of great presentations. To me, a great presentation is one which completely holds an audience enthralled and at the end of the session achieve the goals and objectives which what you set out to in the beginning.

It is not entirely true that only great personalities can give great presentations. Hence before I write further or give more tips on how to develop great presentation skills, I would like to help you understand my view of the anatomy of a great presentation.

Unlike written reports where you have a chance to correct mistakes such as spelling, grammar, word structure etc, presentations are “Get it Right the First Time” kind of activity. You have no chance to hide your flaws, there are no computerized checks to cover your mistakes (unlike word processors which you have spell checks etc) and you have only one chance to impress and gain credibility. So, and I said this many many times before, PREPARATION is the key to make a presentation great. All said and done, lets discuss the 5 Aspects of a great presentation

1. All Great Presentations Are Well Researched and rehearsed in advance. You must determine how much information or statistics needs to be given in proportion to the time given for your presentation as well as the needs of your audience. Too much statistics or hard information defeats the purpose of your presentation and makes it boring.

2. Great presentations are able to capture their audiences and gain their confidence right in the beginning. Remember to the begin by “feeling them” (come to the presentation early to mingle with them and establish rapport before your presentation) greeting them, applying the various techniques I have written in my past articles to capture their attention.

3. Great Presentations are all about scoring points and winning over others to your opinions. Hence honing am authentic and unique delivery skill can enhance your ability of driving a point home. Statistical information should be presented in logical sequences and in the right doses.

4. Great Presentations are usually light-hearted at one point or another. However let me qualify here. The “light-heartedness” must not compromise on whatever the serious smatter that you are discussing. All great presentations are made in simple language using industry specific jargon, but not words that are too hard to understand.

5. Great Presentations Use Audio-Visual Aids for greater impact. This is based on the principle that a picture speaks a thousand words. Even a budgetary speech or an accountant's presentation can use slide pictures.

I hope the above gives you a better idea of what I consider as a great presentation. Do let me know if you have other ideas that you think makes a great presentation.

The Author of this article is an experienced presenter and a champion story teller. He has immense interest in topics on public speaking, leadership, the art of negotiation, internet marketing strategies, investing and personal success

This following article is adapted/extension from/of his new ebook: "How to Develop Great Presentation Skills" . If you like the tools to be able to improve your presentation skills by 100 times, yes 100 times please visit


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