Resume and Cover Letter - the First Step to Landing the Job


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Employers are constantly looking for the right people. People that will help take their company to the next level. Are you that person? You very well may be, but if you don't have an effective resume and cover letter, the employer will never know. You'll lose out on the job and the company will lose out on a great employee. So what can you do?

Employers spend mere seconds on resumes and cover letters when they are narrowing down the field from those that submit resumes to those that they may consider for a job interview. They whip through a stack of resumes in no time, most going into the reject pile and a select few going into the consider pile. So your very first goal in your job hunt, is to get that resume and cover letter into that consider pile!

Your resume is everything your employer will know about you, condensed into a mere moment. Sounds daunting, doesn't it? And unfair. But it's also reality. And you can use resume tips and strategies to make sure your resume is the one they want to study further.

For starters you have to understand the basics of resume writing.

Your resume is your sales person in writing. It's your communication tool, designed to sell you to the employer on your ability to do the job, by first winning a job interview.

This means that your resume is about a lot more than your work history. It needs to speak convincingly and quickly that you have all the credentials and skills needed to be exactly what the employer is looking for - someone who will be a complete success in this new position or career.

Your resume will contain the following information:

1) Your contact information, ie, name, address, phone number, email address, website address.

2) Your Job Objective

3) You Work History

4) Your Education History

5) Your Skills and Accomplishments

6) Affiliations

7) References

Now, there are many different ways to present this information, and how best to do it can vary based on your work history, skills, the job being applied for, etc. We'll get into these in future articles as well as at our site.

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Writing a Cover Letter on a Step-by-Step Basis
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