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Vending Machine Industry Switches to Interchangeable Canisters


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A recent innovation in the way vending machines are made has turned the vending industry on its ear. Interchangeable canisters, made of thick, high-impact, shatter-proof polycarbonate, protect the vending machine products while simplifying the vending machine’s upkeep for the owner.

Professionalism counts There is nothing more embarrassing for a vending machine owner than having candy, nuts, or toys spill out across the floor while trying to refill their vending machine. This system of interchangeable canisters has reduced the time it takes to refill a vending machine, as well as make owners look more professional in front of customers and location employees while they service their machines.

Take out the guesswork With traditional vending machines, owners have to guess at which two or three products will sell the best for each location. Without trying different products, it is impossible to know what will sell best in any particular location. Having unsold candies sitting in a machine month after month is lost revenue as the candy goes stale and has to be thrown away.

The Interchangeable Canister System allows the owner to track and deliver the best-selling product for each location in three easy steps:

Step 1: Fill the canisters with three popular products. After two or three weeks, empty and track the money collected from each canister of the vending machine. Step 2: Remove those three canisters off and pop on the interchangeable canisters with three new products. Collect the money again after two or three more weeks and record how much each of the new products made. Step 3: Use interchangeable canisters to exchange products again. Give those products two or three weeks and collect the money again, writing down how much each product made.

By following these steps, the vending machine owner will have income information for that location on nine products, enabling the owner to pick the most profitable combination of candy for their vending machine.

The interchangeable canister system is available from 1-800-VENDING , who also supplies product tracking forms and SERVICE totes that hold up to eight interchangeable canisters. To compare the 1-800-VENDING machine with its interchangeable canisters side-by-side with other popular vending machines, including snack and soda vending machines, visit

1-800-VENDING’s interchangeable canister system was developed by Mike Burnett and Jeff Marsh, who spent years scrutinizing the pros and cons of every popular vending machine on the market. After a year of design and testing, they introduced their vending machine with shatterproof polycarbonate interchangeable canisters.


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