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Dial-A-Spa - In Home Massage At Your Fingertips


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It's no secret that North Americans spend a large portion of their income on how they look and feel. Due to so many pressures, stress levels are at an all time high and so people are increasingly searching for ways to relax their body, mind and souls. However, since they have little time to spare, they also want these services to fit into their busy schedules - which is where bringing those services to them comes in! The day spa industry has been growing at a steady rate for years, as we try to emulate what Europeans have known for centuries - take care of yourself: look better, feel better and live longer!

A home business that has great potential to be quite profitable would be bringing spa services to a client's doorstep - a “Dial-A-Spa" so to speak. What a convenient luxury for someone to just pick up the phone, and in the comfort of their own home, be pampered and massaged at their own convenience! This is as true for busy, single executives as it is for exhausted stay at home moms. Male and female, the client base would be a huge. Let's look at a few ideas on how to get started!

First, you have to decide on the types of services you'll be able to offer your clients. If you choose to specialize in massage, you'll have to decide what kind of massage. Aromatherapy is widely available at most spas. It's the safe use of essential oils coupled with massage. Depending on a particular ailment or other concerns, whether it's physical or emotional, an oil or mix of oils will be selected. Essential oils used in massage have been used successfully for thousands of years to provide an overall sense of well being. Of course you'll need to hire a trained, certified Aromatherapist to provide this service.

You can, of course, have a registered massage therapist as part of your core staff as well. These are highly trained individuals who've had extensive massage education, and provide body massage for specific periods of time. Usually the slots are in increments of 1/2 hour or an hour, but you may want to offer an express massage of say 15 minutes over a lunch break for someone really busy.

Other types of bodywork could include Thai massage, Thai yoga massage, Acupressure, Shiatsu and Reflexology. You'll have no trouble finding educated, experienced people to hire in all of these areas. However, always make sure you see their credentials, references and have them give you sample treatments to determine for sure if they're quality employees, as well as people you'd be proud to have representing your business.

The wonderful thing about this kind of business is the relatively low overhead. There will be start up costs, of course, but with spa services, you'll quickly see a profit. In the beginning, you could even take calls from a home business line yourself. A business line and appointment book are all you really need. You could always have a schedule set up using your computer as well if you prefer. That way you can neatly keep track of bookings and cancellations in one place. You will, of course, need to manage your money well. There is reasonably priced software that will do most of the work for you, or you can hire a bookkeeper part time to work with you to keep your finances in order.

When you determine your pricing, you'll find it's best to charge rates per service plus the cost of travel, and your portion of the service all rolled into one. Most people realize it costs more to have a service brought to their home, but be sure not to overcharge.

The most important part in setting up a home spa business is research and planning. Go online and do day spa searches. Look at popular services and find out what people want! Find similar services the same way and see what prices they charge and what they offer.

What you put into it is what you'll get out of it, so brainstorm, make contact with people in the field, and put it all together into your own profitable small business from home idea! You'll be amazed by, not only the personal satisfaction you receive from your own success, but all the monetary benefits that go with operating your own business!

Glenn Cutforth is a writer, graphic designer and publisher of quality eBooks at Maxx Publishing

Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the best ways to create wealth and freedom for yourself. If you're interested in learning more about how to be an entrepreneur, visit at


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