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Steve Kaye

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Important news: Maxwell Goodcat gets mail.

And this could cost your business money.

Here's why:

First, as you might guess from the name, Maxwell is a cat. He does not subscribe to magazines, fill out product warranty cards, or belong to associations. And (most important) he does not have a credit card or a check book.

But he does have a web page. LINK

And because of this, he receives advertising mail.

Some of it comes from companies that use direct mail to attract customers.

And some of it comes from a company that sells mailing lists-most likely to the companies in the first group.

How did this happen?

A web crawler found Maxwell's page, grabbed his name and added my business address. I doubt that a human being would have done this because Maxwell’s picture appears on his web page (remember, since he’s a cat, he looks like a cat).

And that brings us to a disturbing possibility: there are millions of web pages dedicated to pets. So a computer generated mailing list could contain names like Patty Parakeet, Doug Dog, and Bessie Begonia. None of them have money. So, be careful. Of course, every mailing list contains trash entries that are obsolete, inaccurate, or wrong, and computer-compiled lists will contain a larger fraction of useless entries.

Consider this:

1. You will be more successful contacting people who have an interest in your products and services. Focus on only qualified buyers.

2. Compare results with costs. A mail campaign is supposed to make money for you. Sending out tons of mail is impressive only when it brings in tons of orders.

3. Mail campaigns are the least efficient way to contact people. Most people sort mail near a waste basket-tossing out junk mail.

Unless, of course, your mail is sent to Maxwell Goodcat. I save his mail as an example of poorly-targeted advertising.

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