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"If advertisers spent the same amount of money on improving their products as they do on advertising then they wouldn't have to advertise them. " ~Will Rogers

Ole Will had a point there!

It amazes me when I see a product that looks limp by comparison to those next to it on the counter. I want substance, and I believe it would be safe to assume others want substance as well. Quality is substantial value.

When you create a product with substantial value, high-quality speaks for itself. You don’t have to tell others how great you are, your product does that for you.

Give more than you get.

Always give more in your product than your customer pays. When you present the product, with added benefits, be certain they are over and above what the client is paying.

Everyone recognizes inflated value for what it is, bluster.

When you get a heavy snow storm it’s full of moisture, but if the same snow comes with wind, it does little good. It may sound like a bigger storm. It may even seem like a bigger storm as the snow is falling, because you’re seeing the same flakes over and over. But rarely does a Blizzard have the same amount of moisture (or value) of a good wet snow.

Adjust the price for the value.

If you price your product above its value, you lack the power to get another sale. Your product isn’t selling for you, because it left your customer wondering what they received.

Rain is a good thing, it gives moisture for the crops, respite for hot dry ground. But when it comes in a Hurricane, gale force winds carry much of the rain in the wrong directions and flooding results. A flood doesn’t improve the ground or help the crops. It erodes the soil, much as an over inflated price erodes value.

Take the time to do a good job.

When the customer tries to rush you, mistakes happen, errors erupt, and value is lost. Set a time for your work and put out your best work during that time. Don’t allow others to push you into accomplishing a less than satisfactory job, when you know you can do better given your own time allowances.

A good drizzling rain can take days to come down and soak into cracked prairie soil. When it comes in a downpour, it lacks sufficient time to moisten the crust of the ground and soak deep to the roots of the plants; often it simply runs off taking precious minerals and topsoil with it.

Spend the time and effort necessary to make your product high quality with a brand that Speaks for itself. Learn the Secret at

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