A New Client In 7 Days

David Ferrers

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First off, is it possible to win a new client in seven days? The answer is “yes;” I can say that with assurance because I have done it, more than once. Also, a PR Agency nearby used the technique I am about to reveal to achieve an even better result.

Why would anyone want to win a new client in seven days? Well, I don’t know about you, but one way that I make myself feel secure in my small business is to keep up my quota of clients. So, on the fortunately rare occasions, when I lose a client I want to replace them immediately.

You may think me a really insecure person, but I like to have a solid number of clients in my portfolio. I usually manage to keep a good stock of clients from my networking activities. You can read more about my unique networking method on my web site if networking is a way of winning clients that interests you.

However, there is always the unforeseen occurrence and, after 20 years of running my own businesses, I have learned to be ready for such events. I always have an “instant new client” campaign up my sleeve, so I can quickly replace any unexpected loss.

My technique for winning a new client in seven days is really simple and easy to use. I don’t like complicated systems, they take up too much time. I like techniques that are easy to implement and give quick results. Although I love marketing and find it really interesting and challenging it is not where I want to spend most of my time.

When I first showed my technique for winning new clients instantly to the PR Agency I mentioned earlier in this article, they were sceptical. Could something that simple really work?

So, I offered them a wager. I would pay for the whole campaign. If it failed I would not charge them, but if they won even one client, they would pay me ten times the cost of the campaign. When they saw how confident I was they declined my wager and paid their own way.

Are you one of the ones I can hear muttering: “yes, but they’ve all got marketing experience and I haven’t?” Don’t worry, I have written everything down in a short, easy-to-follow manual which is a free give-away.

David Ferrers M. NLP is a successful business coach with a strong track record of winning good clients. He gives Marketing advice and support to business professionals who want to grow successful and profitable businesses. The ‘How To Win A New Client In Seven Days ’ Manual is a FREE bonus available only to the first 5 professionals who join his low-cost Marketing Club at http://www.QuickAndEasyMarketing.com


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