Closing a.k.a. Success Ratios, a Valuable Lesson From Nature

Jim Masson

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When you sell for a living, one of the toughest things to handle, even for seasoned pros, is the negative emotions often created when sales opportunities fail to materialize after effort, time and sometimes cold hard cash have been invested. But there is a lesson given to us by nature that, if understood, can help eliminate that negative emotion forever.

I recall, a number of years ago, I attended a seminar put on by a nationally recognized motivational speaker. There were several hundred people in attendance, each having spent a considerable amount of money to be there and hear this person speak. When the seminar was over, many of the salespeople there felt totally empowered. They felt like King Kong on top of the world. They were expecting to close every prospect they encountered from that day onward.

You know that can never happen in the real marketplace. I guarantee that you could stand on any street corner and offer to sell hundred dollar bills for ten dollars and some people would not take your offer. Yet that is a great deal, isn't it? Most products or services that we as salespeople offer each day don't measure up to that offer on the value scale. It's reasonable to expect less that 100% closing ratios.

In nature an oak tree produces many acorns, yet only a few grow into mighty oaks. Cut open an apple, a watermelon or a tomato and you will discover that nature provides many seeds or opportunities, yet relatively few germinate and even fewer become mature enough to harvest. But nature doesn't get discouraged or be tempted to give up. Nature simply keeps generating those seeds and as time passes we see those seeds generate enormous abundance. Remember this natural law the next time you get discouraged when a sales opportunity falls by the wayside.

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