Customer Service Is About Establishing And Building Relationships.

Katheryn Hoban

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Any type of relationship can be fragile. Your new business can only succeed if those relationships are guarded, protected and nurtured. You do that by treating your clients as if they were cherished friends. When you call a friend you probably expect a call back within a reasonable time. Your client also expects that call within a reasonable time too. If you e-mail a question to your friend or family member don’t you expect an answer as soon as they can? Of course you do. Try to answer your e-mail within twenty four hours and sooner rather than later if you can. If you can’t do it yourself get a staff member to do it. Isn’t it true that you would prefer a personal response rather than a canned response like “thanks for contacting us?" Treat your clients as you would like to be treated. It’s common sense.

When you have good news don’t you rush to call your friend and also like to be updated with your friend’s good news? I’m sure the answer is yes. So if you have good news let your clients know. They really want to hear about your new baby, moved into a new house, new puppy and all your other good news. People enjoy good news about people that they like.

When you get on the phone and ask a question concerning your friend isn’t it true that you would expect him or her to answer without attitude, with respect, and a gentle manner. If you got rude answers from your friend I’m sure that you would be hurt, upset and disappointed and even angry with him or her. So assume that your client expects the same courtesy that you would give and expect from your friend.

Other elements of good customer service are the many moments that you have to compromise in order to keep that client happy. If you want relationships to continue you have to sooth ruffled feathers sometimes which included an occasional apology for appointments or services not delivered, and a substitution if a product is unsatisfactory. Also one of the simplest examples establishing a relationship with your client is to listen to him or her. Don’t jump in, don’t interrupt, just listen. That goes a long way to show your client that you care about him or her. Respect your time together, and don’t commandeer his or her time. Put some of these common sense practices into place and you will have good clients for a long time.

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establishing and building relationships

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