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How to Hit the PR Jackpot


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As a business leader, you are constantly reading publications, studying their content and consistently reading articles about your competitors. Having heard that what others say about you is weighed more heavily than what you say about yourself, you understand the value of PR. Now, you want to be interviewed and need to know how to be newsworthy and how to hit the PR Jackpot.

Select Ideas that Sell. You (or your PR firm) need to devise irresistible ideas. Here are some Leads that Hook Editors:

1. “Unique" astounds. Unforgettable people, places, fresh ideas or unique opportunities.

2. Success sells. Strategies to increase power, politics, prestige or profits.

3. Money talks. The high side and the low side of money. When money is no object, how is value determined? What is low budget, but worthy?

4. Luxury tantalizes. Luxury living, luxurious people, luxurious places, luxurious products.

5. Money is wise. Avoiding hidden costs, getting the best rates, negotiating best value or the best terms.

6. Secrecy intrigues. Confidential secrets or sources revealed.

7. Seasons Celebrate. Seasonal tie-ins (check with magazines well in advance, six to eight months is the norm. )

8. Novelty sells. If you or what you are doing is unique it can be made interesting to the press.

9. Expertise excites. What do you know that others don’t?

10. Leaders lead. Leadership strategies to get others to follow you, your company and your ideas.

11. Leaders Teach. Lessons Learned. (It has been said that no one wants to learn, they want to know—so use your best story telling techniques with this one. )

12. Trends garner interest. Lifestyle and current trend tie-ins—what are you and your associates doing (or going) that is trendy, trend setting, noteworthy and repeatable or truly one of a kind?

13. Danger dominates. Pitfalls or other dangerous aspects of business and how-to- avoid-it.

14. Succession succeeds. Strategies for succession planning and how you made it work.

15. Success breeds success. Financial success, Life success. How-to-achieve it, how to pass it along.

16. Technology tickles. How have you used technology to your advantage? What have you accomplished with new applications such as Web 2.0, mash ups and social networking for business?

17. Mirth brings merriment. What have you heard that was downright funny? How did it change your perception?

18. The best is the best; the rest is the rest. What do you use and why is it the best?

All of these topics are interesting to editors. Use them and you just may hit the PR jackpot. Some of these topics are obviously more suited to certain expertise and publications more than others. But, if you stick to exploring your connection to the human needs of safety, security, shelter, belonging, esteem (confidence, achievement, respect by others) and self actualization (creativity, problem solving) you will be in tune with what motivates and therefore interests the reader and the press.

Avoid being a one hit wonder in the PR world. While it is great to get an interesting article, it will only benefit your bottom line if you strive for consistent public and media relations, built on the core of your business and what you are trying to achieve. Devise a strategy of consistent PR and brainstorm how to achieve it over time.

Leslie McKerns is owner of McKerns Development, a Florida based PR, media relations, marketing and strategic business development firm. She specializes on getting businesses to the next level by promoting their goals in the press. Get more tips on media interviews, samples and service packages for press and PR at


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