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Customer Service – Customers Serving Customers?


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Did you know that an online business forum could pay significant dividends in customer service?

Customer service is a very important aspect of your online business. Some businesses err on the side of too little interest shown to customers while others can be extremely overbearing and smother a new client until they consider a restraining order.

There is a middle ground that can show your customers you care without pushing them to make an additional purchase. The struggle we all face in customer service is being able to adequately meet the needs of valued customers.

Certainly one of the best things we can do is respond swiftly and in the consumers best interest if they have a complaint. Future sales rest on the success of your ability to manage consumer complaints.

One of the ways to minimize consumer complaints is to allow customers to take an issue directly to other customers through a forum. At first blush this may seem like a good idea. However, it seems that when a consumer has the opportunity to ask questions from a third party they have a better chance at resolving many issues prior to a visit to your customer service department.

An example would be if a consumer were to purchase an electronic device from your online store and after working with the item, consider the purchase to be ill advised because they can’t make it perform correctly.

A customer forum would allow that consumer to visit with others who have used this product and may be able to provide guidance on how best to make the product function properly. In this case the consumer is happy, you minimized a complaint, and other customers are made useful allies in your online business success.

Certainly you will discover negative feedback in these forums from time to time, but this is simply an opportunity for your customer service department to shine. Take decisive action to remedy the problem and provide a post in the business forum with the steps you have taken to correct the issue.

This allows all customers to see the effectiveness of your ‘service after the sale’.

We’ve all been to stores where the clerk uses Point of Sale (POS) software to point out a variety of items that would go well with our original purchase. Sometimes this can be of help, but sometimes it’s just annoying. A business forum allows you to gauge a more appropriate response to customer problems and then demonstrate just how responsive you are. The good news is more than one customer will be impressed by your excellent response.

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