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Want to make a ton of money and have a fulfilling career? Well read on but be warned it’s tough. Actually it is fairly easy, I just wanted to get rid of all the namby-pamby’s. That’s right most people have actually stopped reading already.

This is the one of the reasons it is easy to get a career that pays well, most people just do not follow through. Here is an example about how just showing up gets you ahead of 50% of the crowd. A large sales company is looking for a sales person. Lots of perks, big commission, great product. You still have to sell it to people and the studies show most sales happen after you ask for the order six times.

The prospective employer will make the interview process in a way that you have to follow up with them six or more times. Just to see if you are aware of this sales fact. If a person will not show the commitment to follow up in getting a great job it is unlikely they would have what it takes in the field.

Another thing most people just do not do is research. Do you know what jobs out there pay the kind of money you want? This is easy to do, go join some networking clubs. These are places individual business owners or managers go for a meeting and mingle. It is a great way to data mine. Meaning most people love to show off how smart they are and love to talk about themselves and their business. You ask questions and they are more than happy to tell you everything.

If you ask enough people you will be lead to the right people and they will likely be looking for someone who has a work ethic like you. As in today’s fast changing world of business the kind of people that can find and acquire information and contacts is a valuable person.

By the time you meet the “ right people" you will or should know a lot about your future employer. Companies like to hire people that know what they are about. It does not matter that you have not learned the secret handshake, but you do need to know what business the company is in and where they are going.

This will allow you to tailor your past experience to fit into what they are looking for. That just makes it all the more easy to hire you. You will know what your salary should be because you have done your data mining from others in similar positions, as well as all the perks they are willing to offer you.

Once you are on the ‘inside’ then the real fun begins, you just keep data mining and in a few years you can run the place. It is a matter of finding what you want and then finding what they want, marry those two together and you will make a ton of money and all the other goodies that come with success.

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