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Jan Verhoeff

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If you build it they will come…

Or will they?

With technology being what it is, they will come if you build it right. But they might not stick around long enough to make your business worth the effort. So what do you do with a website that isn’t accomplishing anything?

You make your website work with effective marketing techniques and ploys, and you make your website work from the inside out with valuable content, services, and products that REAL people such as yourself can use. Forget the gimmicks and groveling, just put up a site that says what you want it to say and get the job done from the beginning with effective marketing that brands your business successful.

1. Marketing your product effectively means getting your name out there.

Empower your business with eBiz Blitz - the punch of dynamic content that will impact your copy, website, brochures, and other data with power-charged , high-impact sales effectiveness. Put your name in lights on the Informational Highway with multiple sites pointing back to your business with effective links and informational content.

2. Dynamic Content includes effective SEO copy that brings traffic.

You could generate traffic with gimmicks and ploys, but would it really serve your purpose? When you blitz the market with your own content, providing ample information to bring your clients to the site and keep their attention while you sell them your valuable product, the ploy ceases to be a gimmick and becomes real business. eBiz Blitz is a method of doing business without the gimmicks, while keeping the BUZZ of economic gratification.

3. Copywriting: REAL time Article Marketing effectively promotes information.

Anybody can put words on a piece of paper, copy them to a website, and call it sales copy. However, if your web copy doesn’t snap their heads around and bring them thundering to your door for more information, you haven’t got what it takes to build the business and keep it moving. Your marketing efforts will fail. Effective Article Marketing - eBiz Blitz - brings buying clients thundering to your website with their money in their hot little fingers ready to jump on the BUZZ that will take them where you want them to go.

Power marketing concepts litter the Information Highway. The Internet is full of websites that do nothing, say nothing, and present their ‘views’ as the only views that will take you where you want to go. They’re all right, if you want to go where they’re taking you.

The simple fact is, you may have a different direction in mind. Setting your sales for a different port isn’t difficult, it just means that you have to create your own roadmap.

Marketing Guru, Jan Verhoeff, effectively leads the pack of Power-Charged Copywriters with Independent Brand Design, Creativity, and High Impact Marketing Skills. From a WAHM with four Dynamic Home School Students blazing trails along the Internet Road to Success, Jan understands the process of making business work effectively on a shoe-string budget that takes you to the top of the Informational Heap. You too can learn the ropes and get where you want to go, with the help and direction of a Marketing Guru who wants you to succeed. Sign up for a FREE Subscription to The Branding Iron at http://brandyourmarket.com for Dynamic Leadership that will take you where you want to go with Power-Charged Ideas that Maximize your Success Strategies.


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