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Bob Hamilton

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A great deal of time and money is spent on locating, interviewing, hiring, and training employees when you open a dollar store. One of the ways to minimize the ongoing expense is to retain employees who are performing well. In addition to the savings associated with the staffing process, there is also a savings in the costs associated with training. Finally, employees who are trained and performing contribute much more than new employees who are struggling to learn their jobs and become assimilated into the organization.

There are several key steps that business owners and managers can take after they open a dollar store. Those steps include:

  • Empower employees – As employees learn and demonstrate that they can correctly and successfully perform tasks, allow them to assume responsibility for those tasks. Step slowly away further and further as both you and the employee gain confidence in their work.

  • Provide timely feedback – Positive feedback gains much more than negative feedback. Look for opportunities to provide genuine, specific feedback.

  • Address problems - If there is something wrong with the performance of an employee, it is up to you to take the initiative to point it out and to help fix that performance problem.

  • Lead by example - Effective leaders are perfect examples of what they expect from others. If it is trust and respect that you desire, demonstrate that you are worthy of both.

    Retaining the best employees is always a challenge. When you open a dollar store begin to immediately establish a great working environment for your employees. Effective leaders realize that a great work environment may very well be the reason that employees choose to work for you, and to remain with you for the long-term.

    To Your Dollar Store Success!

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    Open A Dollar Store - Tips For Success!
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