Gee- I Can't Wait to Cold Call!


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Have you ever heard of the 125% rule at universities?

It says professors cannot moonlight at an outside job, like consulting, and earn more than 25% of their university-based pay.

So, even celebrity teachers who bring in $100,000 cannot earn more than $25,000 on the outside.

Any rule that restricts us from making as much money as we want to earn and are capable of earning, makes me nuts. I relish being in control of my wages and my wealth.

And I’ve found the best way to control both is through cold calling, picking up the telephone and reaching out and selling people.

In the wee hours this morning, I was writing down my achievements over the last two weeks and really, I got the greatest thrills and the best results from the cold calls I made.

(1) I enlisted four more universities to offer my seminars, including two that are among the top-ranked in the United States.

(2) I successfully inaugurated a new topic, and its initial sales are very promising.

(3) I successfully broke through to some of the most senior executives at corporations that are considered impenetrable fortresses.

What was my greatest setback?

It wasn’t the people who declined my overtures. My greatest setback was getting out of rhythm in my work because I ran out of good prospecting lists.

But that’s good news! I’ve identified the challenge and I can zoom in on it and fix it.

After examining my percentage of effectiveness in opening new accounts I determined my “hit rate" is very respectable. From an economic standpoint, cold calling is paying its own way, and then some.

My breakthrough is appreciating that I can’t wait to cold call again, when the sun rises, and that is a beautiful feeling!

Dr. Gary S. Goodman is the best-selling author of 12 books and more than a thousand articles. His seminars and training programs are sponsored internationally and he is a top-rated faculty member at more than 40 universities, including UCLA Extension, where he has taught since 1999. Dynamic, experienced, and lots of fun, Gary brings more than two decades of solid management and consulting experience to the table, along with the best academic preparation and credentials in the speaking and training industry. Holder of five degrees, including a Ph. D. from the Annenberg School For Communication at USC, an MBA from the Peter F. Drucker School of Management, and a law degree from Loyola, his clients include several Fortune 1000 companies along with successful family owned and operated firms across America. Much more than a “talking head, " Gary is a top mind that you?ll enjoy working with and putting to use. He can be reached at:


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How to Cold Call with Integrity
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