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The Real Question

Are you trying to find ways to better promote your product or service? Would you like to publish a book for credibility but lack the time and knowledge? Today, I will show you an effective method for gaining this desired expertise.

Publishing portals are a non-traditional method for publishing. In the traditional publishing process, a writer must find a literary agent and pitch his book to a major publisher. This is not an easy process and filled with many disappointments.

The whole process can take over a year, if a writer is fortunate. As a business owner, you don’t have time to deal with bureaucracy. Time is money. Publishing portals allow for faster publishing. They are distinguished by their self-publishing characteristics, their similarity to the vanity press, and a heavy reliance on emerging technologies.

The Inside Scoop

At the heart of this technology is print-on-demand (POD) technology. POD allows authors to print books one at a time or in smaller quantities than at a traditional press. It is a cost effective approach to testing a market and growing a base of followers. With this approach, individuals can expect to get royalties between 20-50%; however, some such companies do not provide royalties at all.

This is better than a traditional publisher but your profit is limited. Most POD writers sell less than 200 books on average. Pay close attention to the contract. To get the best deal, you must still do your homework. There are always individuals that take advantage of people in business. Therefore, beware of publishing scams. Here are my top picks for publishing portals for entrepreneurs in 2007:

  1. Xlibris ( – publishing affiliation: Random House.
  2. BookSurge ( – publishing affiliation:

  3. Lulu (

  4. Outskirtspress (
  5. Morris Publishing (

  6. ( – publishing affiliation: Barnes & Noble
  7. Authorhouse (

  8. Bookmasters (

  9. Nightengale Press (

  10. Dogear Publishing (

The Path Forward

Fortunately, publishing portals provide a good option for savvy entrepreneurs. A published book can increase your influence and promote your brand in the market. Non-traditional publishing methods are not for everyone, though. Follow my publishing strategy. First, identify some POD companies that will potentially meet their needs.

Second, visit these websites and compare the companies and their publishing packages. Furthermore, writers should analyze cost, contracts, and publishing services. Finally, the writer should contact some authors on the POD company’s publishing list (most author emails can be locate on the Internet) to see if they are happy. With preparation, you will gain a market advantage as a published writer.

Daryl D. Green has published over 100 articles in the field of decision-making (personal and organizational), leadership, and organizational behavior. Mr. Green is an entrepreneur and the author of four books. Want more publishing insight? Get a copy of his e-book, Book Publishing for Professionals: Nine Proven Steps for Gaining More Influence on

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