Brand Your Business: Power Image Marketing Imprints Recognition in the Mind

Jan Verhoeff

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Finally! You’ve achieved your goal of being an entrepreneur with the business of your dreams, but… it’s unrecognizable.

The solution may be in the moniker you choose to identify your business, or the logo, or even a colorful phrase that describes your business to those who know you. Either way, your business needs to be identifiable to the general public, easily recognized and memorable.

Online recognition requires searchable keywords and identity. Using Search Engine Optimization in your website design increases your visibility online.

Site Visits require a recognizable image. Adding a sparkling logo image to your site, makes your site memorable.

On the streets, your image should be visible either on the product or as the product. Your logo on the product should remind the client where the product came from.

In person, your product or image should stand out. If you meet a client and shake their hand, will they remember you when they need a specific product? If you introduce yourself with a memorable line they will.

When your name is spoken, an image should appear in the minds of those who hear.

What is your image saying about you? Besides being memorable, your logo image should be saying something positive about your product.

Brand your business with a power-image designed to imprint recognition on the minds of your clients.

You can identify your business with a brand that brings people back, keeps your business in mind, and promotes recognition. Developing a Power-Image to identify your product and business increases recognization factors in the marketplace.

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Developing Brand Recognition
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