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Cold calling prospecting in sales one of the many ways that people find leads and new prospects. There are many other ways to find leads other than cold calling prospecting but for now we will look at ways to best maximize your time while cold calling prospecting.

Cold calling prospecting also know in some circles as telephone sales is a hit or miss proposition, even the best at cold calling prospecting will have minimal success in finding new leads that convert into sales. There are three main ways to make sure you are productive when it comes to cold calling prospecting and they are have your list ready, call during the best times, and always ask for the appointment.

When cold calling prospecting the best practice is to have a list ready to go so that you can just go down the list and contact the companies or people that you feel are prospects. If you have a goal of making 100 calls while cold calling prospecting than before you start to make the calls make sure that you have phone numbers and a contact to call. When you have a list ready to go you will be able to go through the list rapidly and you will not waste time trying to find numbers and other vital information.

There generally are better times during the day to cold call prospecting and a lot of it will depend on the market you are going after. If you are selling business to business, than early in the morning between 7 and 9 a. m. , will give you the best chance to get in touch with the decision maker this will also get gold calling out of the way.

If you are making sales calls to people at home than the best time is between 6 and 8 p. m. as more people are at home during this time and be more apt to answer the phone. While cold calling prospecting calling during these hours will allow you speak with the highest number of prospects.

If you are cold calling prospecting than one thing to remember to do is to ask for the appointment. Some people get so involved in the conversation that they let it take a life of its own and forget to ask for a meeting. If you your goal during cold call prospecting is to schedule appointments always ask for the meeting. I know this sound like a no-brainer but you would be surprised how many people never ask for a meeting with a prospect.

I do not advocate cold calling prospecting as a means to find new business because there are so many ways to get quality leads other than cold calling. If you feel like cold calling prospecting is the only you can get leads follow the above three steps and you will achieve more in a shorter amount of time.

Did you know that even the most successful cold callers only have a 2% success rate while cold calling? You know that cold calling prospecting is one of the least effective ways to find new prospects? Go to where you will get a free 5 part e-course to eliminate cold calling out of your life.


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