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Indecision Is Still A Decision!


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A little over a year ago my wife and I decided to jump out of a perfectly good airplane at 13,000 ft. But before we did so we had to fill out about 20 different forms basically stating this: “Even though it may be a perfect day, all equipment works properly, your tandem partner is not suicidal, the plane works fine, things are going great, you still may die! And you do this on your own free will. " It is just like saying, yes, I am willing to die today. So off we went until we reached the point of no return…. . the part where you jump.

I can tell you, it was a blast! I loved every minute of it. But, a few minutes into the jump I was faced with a very important decision. That decision was whether or not to pull the cord. Now, did I pull it? I typing this right? The obvious answer to this question is to pull the cord unless your head is not right and you are thinking other-wise. Choosing not to make a decision, whether you choose to pull the cord or not, is still a decision. You are going SPLAT!

Now, at first you may think that indecision in life isn’t nearly as fatal, but in business as well as life, it is. I would say that almost 90% of people who fail, do so by indecision. If you are to create any amount of change in your life, it takes action. You must make a choice and come to a decision that will lead you forward. In business and in life there is only forward or backward. There is no such thing as standing still. Successful people make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. That is where conviction, confidence and determination come in.

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A Solid Decision - Right-Brain Decision-Making or Left-Brain Decision-Making
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