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These 7 Fatal Mistakes Will Doom Your Partnership

Mike Makler

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If you want to Sky Rocket your earnings to you need to find good partners. We have all heard those horror stories about bad partnerships. Some of the biggest most successful companies in the world were results of great partnerships 2 that come to mind are Hewlett Packard and TRW.

In His book The Richest Man who ever lived Steven K Scott stresses the importance of effective partnering. He also outlines 7 Red Flags to avoid when selecting a Partner.

1 – A Lack of Integrity
A partner who lacks integrity and is dishonest will sooner or later be dishonest with you or more importantly your clients. Sure most if not all of us have lied or cheated now and then but the person who lies and cheats all the time is to be avoided.

2 - A Quick Temper or Deep Seated Anger
No one wants to be yelled at. Sure we all loose our tempers from time to time. The person who is always angry and walks around mad at the world is someone you don’t want as a partner. The Person who is quick to loose their temper is another one to avoid,

3 – Foolishness
Foolish decisions that are made by business can often be tracked to counseling with foolish people

4 – Anyone who offers a lot for a little The old saying if it’s too good to be true it probably is rings true here.

I have been looking at business opportunities for almost 30 years now. I somehow always knew I wanted to be in business for myself. Many of those businesses promised great riches if you could just find 3 people who get find 3 people etc. Sure enough they were way to good to be true they were.

Recently I found National Agents Alliance (NAA) and I have had 3 of my top earning months in the past 6. I seem to set new earnings records every 3 months or so, NAA does promise great riches if you are willing to work. It is not get rich quick. It is not something for nothing. You need to work and you are paid based on your production. My Motto is pay me what I am worth but don’t limit me.

5 – Excessive use of Flattery
There is a huge difference between praise and Flattery. Someone who uses flattery and not praise brings to mind a slick talking con artist

6 - Gossip and Exaggerate
Avoid people who talk a lot or perform little. Better yet avoid liars. Years ago I remember seeing a political cartoon (back when the urban cowboy moviee was real popular). It was a picture of someone wearing a big cowboy hat and the caption read all Hat and No Cattle.

7 – A Disregard for Rules regulation and Personnel Boundaries Everyone knows someone like this. Someone who feels the rules don’t apply to them or always looking for that gray area or loophole.

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Mike BigMak Makler Offers Financial Services (Life Insurance, Annuities and Mortgage Protection) in Florissant Missouri which is in North St. Louis County Missouri Just Across the Bridge from St. Charles Missouri and Alton IL

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