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Hiring Your Company's Future


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Harvard Business Review says that 67% of all hiring decisions are made in the first five minutes of an interview.

What are managers doing for the other fifty-five minutes of an interview?

If your managers have made decision that quickly, are they really listening to the candidate’s answers from that point forward? Probably not. In all likelihood they are listening too little and talking too much. Your managers, having made their hiring decision, will now spend the rest of the interview selling the candidate on how great the company is.

Managers are hiring for your company’s future success.

Shouldn’t they take more than five minutes to evaluate a candidate? At best, the hiring is an artificial process. A candidate can buy five books on what questions to expect in an interview and how to make a good impression. They can wear to the interview the only suit they have. And their hand-picked references are designed to present the most favorable picture of the candidate.

Managers are at a disadvantage in the hiring process, particularly if they make five minute decisions. Profile assessments give your managers more information on which to base their decisions on. Assessments minimize the I’m a good judge of character approach to hiring, promoting and motivating people. They help managers ask better questions and listen more effectively before they make significant and potentially expensive personnel decisions.

Quality assessments level the playing field and give managers information that the candidates will not normally divulge in the interview processes. For example: Does the candidate have the internal motivation to be an effective outside sales person? Or, how can you accurately determine a person’s energy level, acceptance to change, response to workplace stress, decisiveness or objective judgment? Here are some rules you need when considering assessments.

7 Rules for Profile Assessments

  • Never use assessments as a go/no-go gauge for hiring or promotion decisions.
  • Effective assessments take the guesswork out of human relations decisions. They are as essential to your company’s profitability as the accounting reports you receive each month.
  • Like all industries there are good, bad and ugly assessments. Make sure your assessments are scientifically based. Where possible they include a distortion scale to determine if the person is being 100% candid with their answers.
  • Stay away from simple, “check the words that sound like me” assessments. A candidate can easily cheat them by checking different words depending on which job they are applying for. For example a candidate can check certain words for an inside sales position and then check a completely different set of words for an outside sales position.
  • Assessments give managers in high turnover industries quick information to maximize a person’s potential for the relatively short time they are at your company.
  • Train, train, train your mangers on how to effectively use assessments as a positive management tool.
  • Assessments are more than hiring instruments; they are predictors of future performance. They provide information for motivating employees, conflict resolution, team building, management development, promotion, improving sales and customer service, and succession planning.

Today’s rapid-fire, pressure-packed, exciting business climate demands that companies hire the best people, give them clear goals and direction, and give their employees an environment where they can reach their full potential. The old “I’m a good judge of character” approach to hiring and managing people is long gone. Quality assessments give your managers the tools they need to hire and promote for your company’s future success.


John Bishop 314-664-6110

John Bishop founded Bishop & Company, LLC in 1994 to help companies hire, promote and motivate the right people for the right positions. In addition, he is the Executive Director of Accent On Success, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping teenagers succeed in school and in life. Mr. Bishop has been married to Carole for over twenty-five years and resides in St. Louis, Missouri. They have two daughters, three grandchildren and one great-grandchild.


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