PowerPoint-What's the Point? Using PowerPoint's Built-in Pointer Feature

Rosemary Horner

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Pump Up Your Presentation

PowerPoint (2003) has a wonderful feature that allows you to dramatically pump up your presentation. Once again it gives you, the presenter, the opportunity to enhance your presentation beyond the same routine format most people use. So how do you do it? Well, if you are in the SLIDESHOW view of your presentation right click on your mouse.

You will see an option for POINTER. OPTIONS. One of the options includes a PEN. You can also choose colors for the pen.

When you select this option you can DRAW directly on your slide. Now, this gives you the chance to place emphasis on a particular word, phrase or picture on your slide.

Now I tried this on the MAC and it works great with the PEN option but it does not give me the HIGHLIGHT feature that is provided in the PC. I just wanted to let you MAC users be aware.


One of the critical connection mistakes many of us make is talking to our slides instead of the audience. If you use the pointer feature you risk talking about the point you are making while using the pointer. Consider making your point with the pointer first. (TOUCH) Then TURN to your audience and TALK.

Now, I know this sounds strange. But practice coordinating these steps. The idea is that you STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR AUDIENCE.

You will find that if you are QUIET when you are drawing with your pen or making highlights the PAUSE will prove to be dramatic!!!!

So, give it a try. All Rights Reserved, Rosie Horner, 2007 Feel free to reprint just keep all links. Thanks!

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The Trouble With PowerPoint
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