How To Get A Job Without Experience - Sell Yourself Just As You Would If You Were A Salesperson


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It's easier to find a job than you think. You don't need experience, you just think you do; perhaps that is just your excuse because your job search isn’t going quite well – Nobody’s hiring me because I don't have any relevant work experience. Bad excuse!

Back when I first finished school I didn't have any experience either. I did what everybody else did – I sent resumes in response to job ads in the classifieds. That didn't work. Then I got creative. I was specifically looking for a sales job because that’s what I thought that I would like. I thought to myself, what is a sales manager looking for when hiring a salesperson? I knew the answer. A sales manager wants somebody that can sell. How can I show that I could sell without actually having a track record? I could show him.

Here's what I did. I was targeting a B2B job selling copiers. I picked out a few prospects and called the sales managers in those offices. I didn't call to ask for a job (not at first). I called the sales manager (cold call) pretending to be an office cleaner and tried to sell him my services. I really wasn't an office cleaner. I was playing a role. I was pretending. I just wanted to be able to showcase my sales skills. It worked! The sales managers were impressed. I soon had a handful of job offers to choose from.

Of course, showcasing your sales skills with a fake cold call won’t help you get anything other than a sales job, but that’s not the point. The point is that you can be creative no matter what type of job you are looking for. Just find a way to showcase your skills without actually doing what everybody else does when looking for a job (sending dozens of resumes while hoping for a call back). It works!

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15 Ways To Sell Yourself Effectively In A Job Interview – Part Two
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