Do I Really Need a Toll Free Number for My Business?

Adriana Copaceanu

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Toll free numbers are no longer only for big corporations. If you have a business today, and want to be seen as serious, you absolutely need a toll free number.

Why do you need an 800 number? Here are only a few of the reasons:

  • Your customers will know they are valued: after all, you are footing the bill for their benefit.
  • In your customer's eyes, your 800 number places you at the same level with the more prestigious, service-oriented companies.
  • You can use it as a marketing or sales tool. Starting a specific marketing campaign to which you assign a toll free number, will help you measure the success in real time.
  • Helps you increase your sales: it's so much easier to pick up the phone and call, when you know you don't have to pay! Then, once you have your potential on the line, studies show your dollar value per order can increase ads much as 40%, because of the excellent opportunity for up-sells.
  • Customers are more likely to call for assistance if there is a toll free number available.
Now you may ask: but if I get a toll free number, won't it be very expensive? Actually, there are so many opportunities out there, that if you do your homework, you'll find very affordable rates. Some companies charge a minimum usage fee (usually $5), but others don't have any minimums. And the rate per minute can be as low as 3.9 cents a minute.

You also don't have to get a separate line for your 800 number, but instead you can receive the calls through your regular business line.

So, you decided to get a toll free number. Then here are a few suggestions for things to look out when getting a toll free number:

  • make sure you know exactly what your cost will be.
  • find you if you can redirect your calls to another number, in case you need to: after all, the purpose of a toll free number is to get people calling you, and talking to you. So, if you are out of the office, or away on some business, having your calls transferred to your cell phone will be very useful.
  • see if you can get a vanity number. What is a vanity number? It's a series of numbers that if typed on your phone keypad spells something memorable about your company. This is great for branding purposes, and makes you toll free number more memorable.
If you didn't think you needed a toll free number, I hope you now see how important it is to have one. I wish you success in your efforts to market your business, and finding the right 800 number for your company.

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