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This and other tips towards getting a loan fast and with good payback conditions, is what you’ll find in this article.

First, A Well-designed Business Plan Get your computer and begin to design your business plan, even if you are just making baby food at home for your neighbors and friends. You want to make progress, don’t you? But be realistic. Don’t expect to be given an enormous sum if you can’t assure your lender a determined resource of cash to pay him back.

What It Must Contain First of all, your assets. All the materials you posses, that are strictly affected to the business. Then, the know-how, which means the technology you use, that goes towards a good, reliable product. Another important asset is your fixed customers. They will mean the minimum amount of business you are currently making.

Next, comes how you can improve your business and how you will be able to develop it with a loan of so much. Provide as much detail as possible, a list of materials and services you will acquire with the loan and how they will affect your progress.

And Now, Talk About Money Not the money of your loan. Nope. The cash flow is important now. How much you gain with your current profit margin, and how much more you could earn by reducing costs. If you buy greater quantities of stock, the price is much lower, meaning more earnings for you.

The Future Is Yours To See One important detail is a projection of how your business will develop in the course of the following three to five years. You will have to investigate a little and find out how similar businesses have grown in the same term and make an average. But watch out for exaggerations. They are very evident and they might get you in trouble if you are not able to answer clue questions.

And What About Risks? Risks are also part of the business. Save a short paragraph in your plan for risks. A good contingency plan will make the banker overlook the risk itself and evaluate you as a good problem-solver.

A Good Image You own a business, however small, it’s a business. You’re printing a business plan to present to your banker or lending agency. But… are you giving the image of a true businessman?

An important factor in getting the lender to stand on your side is a good image. Well dressed, wearing a pressed suit and maybe an attaché where you have your papers and the copies of the business plan, neatly tucked away in their respective folders.

And Finally, The Loan Again, be prepared. Know as much as possible about the current rates and conditions. Find out about the experience of people you know, so as to have a good idea of what to expect, and be confident. This is a very important factor that could mean the difference between getting the loan and not getting it.

Confidence is more important than you might think. It gives you an air of knowledge of what you are doing, what you are saying and where you heading for. Someone said once that “knowledge is like money in the bank" or rather, “like a loan in the bank".


Mary Wise, a professional consultant at with twenty years in the financial field, prevents consumers from falling into the hands of fraudulent lenders. You will find more useful tips and interesting articles by clicking Here


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